Fake Dentist Extracted Teeth Without Anesthesia

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(Newswire.net— December 15, 2016) — The fake dentist, 53-years-old, practised from home rather than out of a dental office on the pretext of wanting to keep the costs down for his patients, according to the Daily Mail.

Rheinlander also claimed he had been a dentist in South Carolina while living there previously, where he extracted ten teeth without anesthetic and made dentures.

According to the investigators records, he was licensed as a dental technician in South Carolina from February 2004 to March 2006, but has no license in Florida. Additionally, Rheinlander was “disciplined” by the South Carolina Board of Dentistry during that time. The paper did not specify what Rheinlander had been penalized for, the Huffington Post reports.

He published a photo on his Facebook page from 2013 which shows him in a white lab coat and rubber gloves, doing what appears to be dental work on a male patient in a reclining dental chair.

The fake dentist was arrested after performing dental work on a woman that allegedly resulted in medical complications.
A detective from the Manatee County Sheriff’s office explained that a couple told him, in late September 2016, that Rheinlander had extracted the woman’s tooth, at Rheinlander’s home rather than at a dental office, leaving a tooth fragment behind which caused medical complications.
The husband and wife also discovered that he was not a licensed dentist, but before that disclosure, the couple had recommended him to another patient.
Another of his victims, Rachel Potter, told the police that Rheinlander extracted as many as 11 of her teeth. Furthermore, one tooth got broken during the extraction and did not come out in full.
Her husband, James Potter, told the police that the fake dentist also pulled out several of his teeth.
Police arrested Rheinlander after a detective, working undercover, arranged to meet him for dental work. However, he was released from jail after posting a $1,500 bond.