Canadian Credit Counselling Agency Warns Against Excessive Holiday Debt

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( — December 20, 2016) Surrey, BC –During 2016 Business Solutions and Credit Counselling Services (BSCC) experienced a high level of success in its ongoing endeavors to help Canadians reduce their debt by up to 90 percent. Many Canadians are caught in the debt cycle and are increasing household debts every year due to a high cost of living and inadequate increases in income and poor money management. Even with their clients having reduced levels of savings and the decreased ability to pay debts, this company has made significant strides in being able to help many families with their debt management and getting back on track financially.

A top debt counsellor with the company, Mr. Kalsey warns that if Canadians continue with their borrowing trends like last year during Christmas and other Holidays, they will be unable to repay debts when the “January bill shock” hits and the reality check arrives in the mail, so to speak. It is important for people to understand that the deeper they get into debt the closer they get to declaring bankruptcy and this path is more slippery than they think.

It is notable that consumer and government spending and debt has gone up in Canada. There is a rise in the number of those paying for regular things like restaurant meals in fancy places using credit cards; this is avoidable hence the advice by BSCC on avoiding holiday debt during this Christmas season. BSCC can help Canadians manage their finances in a much more positive manner so that they can afford the day-to-day expenses and also have money left over for discretionary items later on as well as emergencies.

When asked what BSCC does and its connection to Canadian debt, Mr. Kalsey said that they are a team of debt counselors nationwide across the Country which helps clients who are deep in debt to get out – often much quicker than they ever could have on their own, with little or no damage to their credit rating as well. They assist clients in structuring payment plans with their creditors, therefore, managing, in most cases, to cut the debt level by 50- 90 percent. This is enough to make a remarkable difference in a person’s debt situation and allow for some breathing space and better physical and financial health.

Banks do not offer such solutions either because they can’t or are just unwilling to do so – it’s not profitable for them. Some of the advice they give are as simple as avoiding holiday debt, a season when people spend with abandon then wake up in January to face the reality of impossible credit card debt – add this to other loans like car loans, student loans, CRA tax debt, and you quickly enter into a difficult situation.

They have assisted thousands of everyday Canadian citizens in avoiding bankruptcy, allowing them to rebuild their damaged credit ratings and pay off the excess credit card debts they carried. They help clients design manageable, achievable programs that result in relief from financial burdens and stress.

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