Seven Truths About Nursing Home Abuse in Philadelphia

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( — December 21, 2016) Philadelphia, PA — Aging is difficult for the elderly and their families. It brings about poor health and failing memories. Families are faced with caring for or finding care for aging parents and loved ones. Most times it is not physically possible for them to provide the necessary care in their home and they are forced to find suitable nursing home care facilities. This is not an easy task and sometimes turns out to be the worst possible choice.

7 Truths About Nursing Home Abuse in Philadelphia

We can research a facility as much as possible before placing loved ones in the care of the nursing home. The truth about the care they actually receive is not discovered until it’s too late. Nursing home abuse in Philadelphia sadly occurs more often than we realize. These are seven examples of how loved ones can be abused in nursing home facilities.

Falls & Fractures

Residents of nursing homes have twice the risk of falling and sustaining a fracture than older adults living independently. When an elderly person falls, their quality of life is reduced and they risk possible permanent disability. Falls can occur when a resident is being moved without enough help, left without a monitor/alarm, or simply left in a wheel chair without being watched or secured. This often results in the need for surgery.

Elderly Abuse

It is considered elderly abuse when a caregiver does not provide proper care for a vulnerable elderly person. They are required to see after their physical and emotional safety needs. Sadly, those who experience elderly abuse are three times more likely to die prematurely than those who have not experienced the abuse. This is seen in the nursing home environment when caregivers take out frustrations on a resident. It also seen when another resident physically abuses/assaults another resident.

Elderly Financial Abuse

Elderly financial abuse is when inappropriate banking has been done to an account. This would include large cash withdrawals or checks being made out to cash. It can also include expensive gifts being given presumably from the older person or if legal documents are being signed by someone other than the elderly person.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any form of unwanted, non-consensual sexual activity performed on the elderly. This includes rape, sodomy, forced participation or inappropriate touching. This occurs more often with those that cannot communicate or are suffering memory loss.

Infections & Bed sores

Infections are a common concern for nursing home residents. With the lack of daily basic hygiene and preventive care needed many residents suffer frequent infections. Some infections can become serious and require hospitalization. Often the doctor or nurse writes an order that is not followed. Bed sores are commonly seen with residents who are not mobile. Some sores can appear even with the best of care. However, they can progress to the point that they become nasty, open wounds that require surgery to close. It has been seen that they have developed without care to the extent that an amputation to a limb has been required.


A residents quality of life is greatly impacted when a home is under-staffed.

Excessive Force

This is a silent, insidious, and growing form of abuse upon residents. It involves rough care in both physical and psychological forms of abuse.

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