Ultimate Kitchen Foam Soap Dispenser Gets High Reviews

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(Newswire.net — December 24, 2016) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen’s Foaming Soap Dispenser Travel Sets are receiving high reviews on Amazon from online shoppers.

Ultimate Kitchen is reporting that their Travel Set of Three Foaming Soap Dispensers are receiving high star reviews from satisfied Amazon shoppers. For several years the company has been providing innovative kitchen products via ecommerce, worldwide. They have brought kitchen products to online shoppers that include various chef and Santoku knives, silicone baking mats, a variety of chrome and brushed nickel finish kitchen sink faucets and a full line of food storage vacuum sealing products. Their built-in soap dispensers have become a best-selling product for Ultimate Kitchen.

First introduced in 2014, the trio of foaming soap dispensers has achieved a high four-five star rating from 93% of purchasers on Amazon.
”I was so happy that these foaming soap bottles fit tight spaces in our motorhome bath and kitchen,” said verified Amazon customer Big D. “They seem to require less water to rinse which is a plus in a motorhome with limited water. I am even carrying them in my handbag while taking the grandkids out and about as the caps seal tightly. I’m sure they will last the test of time as they are a nice thick plastic and easy to use and dispense the foaming soap. I use the heel of my hand and have no problems with the bottle falling in the sink. I think they are priced right, too.”
Verified Amazon shopper Julie B said, “These little foaming soap pumps are high quality, seem durable, and are a little larger than I expected…which is good…but still small enough for travel or shower use. I have only used one so far, but it worked as expected. Quick delivery. I honestly expected these to be kind of cheap feeling, but they are made of a thick plastic and have a tight fitting, snap-on secure lid. They are kind of cute too! I recommend them.”
Ultimate Kitchen’s Travel Set of Three Foaming Soap Dispensers is available for purchase on Amazon for $13.46. The size of the dispensers is airline approved, so it meets the requirements to be allowed in carry-on luggage. The small size makes it able to fit into a backpack, purse or diaper bag. It will fit on any kitchen or bathroom countertop, at home or in a camper.

The portable size allows soap to be taken anywhere. It can be filled with any brand of liquid soap, facewash or shampoo can be used in the dispensers for a foaming effect. Foaming soap uses less product, thus saving money.

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