Ultimate Kitchen Releases Fillet Knife With Gut Spoon

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(Newswire.net — December 26, 2016) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen, the producer of several best-selling home improvement products on Amazon, announces the release of its newest product, a fillet knife with gut spoon and custom sheath. The fillet knife is available now exclusively on Amazon.

The maker of a variety of kitchen products, Ultimate Kitchen, now announces the addition of a fillet knife with gut spoon to its line of kitchen products. The dual functioning knife was designed to function as both a fillet knife and a gut spoon. The knife comes with either a black or hunter orange handle. In addition, the knife comes with a custom protective sheath that is able to attach to a belt. The fillet knife with gut spoon is sold exclusively on Amazon.

As with many of its products, Ultimate Kitchen announced its decision to use Amazon as the sole distributer for the fillet knife.

Fishing is historically a huge part of the recreational culture of the Pacific Northwest. Ultimate Kitchen, which is located in the panhandle of Idaho, recognized the popularity and importance of fishing to the community. As a result, they decided to start selling a fish fillet knife to meet the demands of its local market as well as the country’s market.

“Ultimate Kitchen always strives to offer its customers with the highest quality. Our product selection is based primarily on providing cooking solutions for chefs that like to cook from scratch. In this case, fishing is a fun, leisurely activity, but preparing the fish to eat is not so enjoyable,” said Director of Operations Cassie Clark.

Ultimate Kitchen also announced that the fillet knife will be accompanied by a digital book with instruction guides as well as recipes. The ebook, How to Fillet a Fish – With Recipies, will be emailed to each customer upon purchase. Furthermore, a link to an informational video is included with the knife. The video features a the benefits and uses of the Ultimate Kitchen’s fillet knife to gut and fillet a fish.

Ultimate Kitchen’s new fish fillet knife with gut spoon is available for purchase exclusively on Amazon now.

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