Centipede Is the Worst Restaurant Critic

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(Newswire.net — December 30, 2016) — You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. You have built a solid reputation, and you offer a great menu with quality food. And it could all end with one infestation, or even the rumor of one.

When you think of invaders that can bring down your business, what generally comes to mind are mice, ants, cockroaches and flies. They do more damage than just their presence, as they spread disease and are generally just unhealthy creatures. However, you should also be on the lookout for another pest. While not as insidious as the others, they can do great damage to your business, possibly even end it.

Centipedes are not inherently dangerous. Their bite rarely results in more than a brief discomfort, but their mere presence should still cause alarm for any restaurant owner.

Eliminating them usually only takes a few simple steps.

What Centipedes Look Like

Centipedes are characterized as being flat, brown and having a multi-segmented body, most of which have legs attached. They are generally between one to six inches in length and have up to 177 pair of legs. They can live for years, but the good news is they don’t prolifically reproduce.

Ideally, the first step is to prevent them from invading. To do that, inspect the area outside your restaurant and make sure it’s clean. Check all bins, trash receptacles, storage containers for old food and residual evidence from other animals that may find the periphery of your establishment.


Centipedes can be found in damp, dark areas. You should also look in the not-so-obvious places such as housing for electrical boxes and hollow tubes. Since everyone’s situation is different, you should also query restaurant-owning neighbors and ask if they experienced an invasion. Even if they haven’t, a thorough investigation of the areas around your restaurant might reveal some surprising results.

Like other pests, they can enter through cracks in your restaurant’s exterior. Proper sealing and screens can be effective deterrents to all pests, including centipedes. Inspect all protection around doors and windows. Do the seals look good, or are they dried and deteriorating? Caulk where necessary, and make sure your window stripping is doing its job.


If you are beyond the prevention stage, you should consider calling pest control professionals like UltraPro Pest Protection. Not only will they rid your establishment of pests, but they can identify the source, and give you tips on how to prevent them from returning.


If you find them anywhere in your restaurant, the odds of many more hiding throughout your establishment are high. Your pest control professional can eliminate them, and give tips to prevent them from coming back.

While centipedes are not the most common, or the most insidious creature that can invade your restaurant, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Their presence will cause you more than just one little inconvenience, as they could possibly end your business too.

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