Experts Warn Against Infections from Unsanitary Pedicure Instruments

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( — January 10, 2017) Wilmington, DE — There are pedicure salons that do not just trim toenails but also remove loose or thickened skin, otherwise known as calluses. While many nail salon patrons find this helpful, it is important to practice prudent care in choosing the right business to work with.

Experts warn against the infections from unsanitary pedicure instruments. Razor blades are typically used by nail assistants to eliminate calluses. Nail technicians are adept in providing clients with clean, callus-free, and smooth feet.

While these spa employees are well-trained and well-experienced, there are times when the tools they use may not be properly sanitized. Foot razors, for instances, are found by many doctors to be less than sanitary. There have been many people who suffered from fungal and bacterial infections from the use of tools that are not sanitized.
Infections from a spa pedicure session may be caused by the use of contaminated instruments. There are even those who suffer from nail fungus from going to nail salons. There are symptoms of fungal infection such as redness and soreness around the nail.

According to Roxanne Kerr, Medical assistant from the Bloomington Podiatry Centre, once the broken skin is infected during a spa pedicure session, it may become pussy. The good news is that in many states, the use of foot razors is no longer legal.

This has significantly decreased the cases of foot infections.
Foot razors may be illegal in certain areas because it offers a more aggressive approach in treating the skin, and thus, it grows back faster. It may also be dangerous considering the risk of cutting and developing infections when the tools used are not sanitized.

Individuals who want to shave their callus may buy one that they can use exclusively at home. It is important to note that choosing the wrong razor may increase one’s risk of infection as well as damage to the skin.
It is imperative that users ensure they know exactly how to use the blades in removing their calluses to reduce the risk of infections. There are also other options available such as electric callus removers.

An electric callus remover is designed to be easy to use and may efficiently eliminate calluses. Many consumers even claim that they have reduced their need to spend on salon visits because of this fantastic product.
Electric callus removers do not expose the skin to the risk of cutting or infections. They also do not require users to be trained nail technicians to safely eliminate calluses.

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