Curcumin May Be a Potential Natural Alternative for Kidney Cyst Sufferers

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( — January 11, 2017) Orlando, FL — There are cysts or growths in the body that are not fatal and that may even see improvements from the use of natural alternatives. Kidney cysts, for instance, are believed to reap benefits from the use of an ancient spice called turmeric.

Curcumin may be a potential natural alternative method for kidney cyst sufferers to utilize. Curcumin is a powerful phytochemical that can be found in turmeric, which has been used for thousands of years as a kitchen ingredient and even for medicinal purposes.

“Curcumin is a phytochemical found in turmeric,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

It has been rumored to be the source of many of turmeric’s potential benefits. Curcumin is believed to contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-carcinogenic, antiseptic, antiviral, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties.

According to researchers, curcumin may be able to slow kidney cyst enlargement. A cyst pertains to a sac containing air, fluid, and other materials that could form anywhere in the body. It is typically noncancerous.

Cysts that effect the kidneys are usually filled with fluids. Some of the causes of cyst development are fluid blockages, inflammatory conditions, infections, and genetic conditions.

Cysts do not generally cause harm, and may go away on their own. However, there are cases when complications happen. In cases of ovarian cysts, there is usually a twisting of the sac and this could result in tissue death.

The researchers from Peking University in China conducted an in-vitro study to help determine curcumin’s potential therapeutic effects in relation to kidney cyst development. The study can be seen in the European Journal of Pharmacology. This study found that curcumin slowed the development and enlargement of kidney cysts by 62%.

The researchers suggest that curcumin may be an effective ingredient in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease. Individuals who suffer from this condition usually have enlarged fluid-filled cysts, which may eventually lead to the development of kidney failure.

The Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center highlights the possible anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin. There are supplements available in the market today that contain high concentrations of curcumin.

Curcumin supplements are widely used by individuals who suffer from certain medical conditions as well as those who seek to improve their overall health. There are many types of curcumin, and some experts recommend one that contains piperine.

Piperine is a black pepper extract that may increase curcumin absorption inside the body. When these two ingredients are taken together, it is believed that more of curcumin’s potential benefits are absorbed inside the body.


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