Life-Saving Tips For Managing Credit Card Debt Finally Revealed

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( — January 17, 2017) Tallahassee, FL — Having a credit card is considered by the many to be important in surviving this ever-changing, technologically-advanced world. It makes transactions fast, easy, and convenient. However, these cards can also place consumers in financial embarrassment when they are not managed properly.

Life-saving tips for managing credit card debt are finally revealed. For many people and in many occasions, repaying credit is usually challenging. This is why it is extremely important to manage both payments and balances.

One of the best ways to do this is to simply monitor one’s credit activity. Consumers may check the three national credit bureaus every year to determine or validate if there are no errors. This task can be quite easy since getting some reports won’t in any way affect the credit score.

It is also important to remember that maxing out the credit limits can have negative impacts on the credit score. Thus, it can be quite helpful to maintain the balance on revolving lines below 30 percent of the limit.

Another important step is to only take a new debt when there is a compelling need to do so. Having too many accounts is not just difficult to manage but it can reduce the credit score. It can also be helpful to determine if you qualify for lower rates on your present debts. This is especially true to individuals whose credit has improved.

Credit card holders should also think before closing their credit card accounts as it can potentially lower their available credit. It could also hurt their credit score on a short term basis. They may, however, consider keeping their accounts open if they have the lowest balances and impressive payment history.

Experts also suggest that consumers should learn about their debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. Lenders may compare the amount of debt they have versus the monthly income during new credit extensions, and thus, it can be helpful to keep the DTI ratio under 35 percent.

Another trick is to pay more than the minimum, and this means paying every two weeks rather than the minimum balance once a month. Doing this can help pay the debt faster and improve their credit score. 

Credit card holders have many techniques they can resort to in managing their finances. It is similarly important to ensure that the credit cards are safe from identity thieves. There are RFID blocking sleeves available nowadays that are believed to be extremely effective in warding off fraudsters.

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