Ultimate Kitchen Releases Fillet Knife on Amazon

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(Newswire.net — January 12, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen announces the release of their new 7 Inch Fillet Knife with Gut Spoon on Amazon.

Ultimate Kitchen has been offering kitchen wares to customers for many years. With an increasing product line, the company continues to grow, selling exclusively with Amazon. From their founding in 2014, they have grown to feature approximately 56 products, with 26 more awaiting release in 2017. The new Fillet Knife with Gut Spoon has been a recent addition to their line.

From their line of kitchen products, customers can choose among three different finishes for kitchen sink faucets. Coordinating built-in soap dispensers have been among their best selling products, and are often purchased with the faucets. The company offers soap dispensers in travel size and countertop models as well. Foaming or regular soap models are available. Stainless steel chef knives, sold alone or in sets, come in a variety of price ranges. For baking, they offer a silicone baking mat, one of their oldest products.

“This fillet knife is a new direction for us,” said Cassie Clark, Director of Operations for Ultimate Kitchen. “Since we are based in the Pacific Northwest, outdoor activities such as fishing are very much a part of life here. It has been exciting to find a product like this fillet knife that can be used both on the lake and in the kitchen.”

Newly released on Amazon, the Ultimate Kitchen’s new Fillet Knife with Gut Spoon has already been a popular selling item. Since its release just before Christmas, this knife has already achieved a 92% four-five star rating on Amazon. With five stars being their highest rating, it already has many satisfied customers.

“I love this knife,” said buyer Stephanie in her Amazon review. “It cuts through meat like butter. It’s lightweight and sturdy. I like the case it comes with to keep it secured and free nicks and dings.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s Fillet Knife with Gut Spooon is listed on Amazon, for $39.95. It features a seven inch blade made of 8CR13Mov heat tempered stainless steel. The steel is designed to be sharpened easily and to maintain a sharp edge. A black nylon handle is designed for a comfortable, but firm, non-slip grip. Total knife length is 13 inches. Included with the knife is a custom fit sheath to protect the sharp edge. It will attach to any belt or backpack for secure carrying. The knife is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.

A short product description video can be viewed on YouTube. In the video, a fisherman highlights all the features of the Ultimate Kitchen Fillet Knife with Gut Spoon. Customers will also receive access to the eBook, How to Fillet a Fish-With Recipes.

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