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(Newswire.net — January 18, 2017) Carmel, Indiana — After a long and diverse professional career, Michael Sherfick can now add the title of movie producer to his accomplishments. The real estate developer and business leader was instrumental in the production of The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company, a stop-motion animated film created by writer-director Bobby Easley. Michael was billed as co-executive producer along with Jay Stevens, and the pair managed oversight of the movie’s production, including budgeting and timelines. “My background as an investment professional and a business leader was critical in transitioning to this new role,” says Michael. “Producing a film was filled with technical challenges, but I am thrilled at the results of all that hard work.” To learn more about the film, visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7772081/.

The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company was created with over 400 toy soldiers using stop-motion animation techniques. The film is an alternate history of World War II and is the story of a ragtag band of U.S. Marines as they fight their way from the Pacific theater to a special mission deep behind enemy lines in Nazi-controlled Germany. The movie was shot in and around Indianapolis, Indiana, home to both Michael and the director. Miniature sets were created for the filming sequences, lending a larger-than-life feel to the final movie production. Devil Dogs features the voice talents of several horror and music icons, including actor Bill Moseley from The Devil’s Rejects, rock singer Philip Anselmo, and Kane Hodder, the actor who portrayed Jason in some of the popular Friday the 13th movies.

Michael Sherfick got his start in business after getting a medical discharge from the U.S. Army and an extensive time in local law enforcement in Indiana. He is the President and CEO of two firms, including Duratech Industrial Controls and 3% Holdings, a commercial real estate development venture that focuses on the revitalization of Indianapolis’ urban centers. His broad range of experiences and his expertise in managing business operations made him the ideal choice for producing Easley’s imaginative film. Described as a “visual marvel” by horror movie critics, The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company was also greeted with acclaim by moviegoers across the country. “I’m eager to be involved in future film production projects,” says Michael. “It is a rewarding cap to a long and successful career, and I can make important contributions to complex movie productions.” For more information on Michael and to learn more about his career in business and real estate, visit https://www.crunchbase.com/person/michael-sherfick.

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Michael Sherfick has had a diverse and well-rounded professional career. From a background in law enforcement and the U.S. military to work in finance and real estate and later as an inventor, entrepreneur, and business leader, Michael is known for his unflinching work ethic and drive toward success. In his real estate ventures, he has been instrumental in spurring downtown redevelopment in Indianapolis. Michael now lives and works in the Carmel, Indiana area, where he is the CEO of a laboratory testing equipment manufacturing firm and a property development company.

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