Be Prepared for an Ice Storm in Nebraska and Iowa

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( — January 16, 2017) Woodbridge, Virginia — January 16, 2017) – Ice and snow storms are a regular occurrence in many parts of the country right now. Today, there is a warning of freezing rain, ice and snow across much of the Midwest, from Kansas all the way up to Wisconsin. Thick layers of ice are expected to form in parts of the Midwest overnight, greatly impacting road conditions. Further, the high winds could lead to fallen tree branches or power lines, adding to the danger.

Hopefully, folks have hunkered down for Martin Lither King day with their winter storm necessities. Knowing what to do before a storm makes living through it that much easier. The most important thing to have in order before a storm is a supply of drinking water. Ensure you have one gallon of water per person per day, and estimate on the high side. If a storm is forecast to last 3-5 days, plan for 5 days. Store non-perishable foods. Again, you should have at least enough to last 3-5 days. Foods high in protein will provide you with more energy. Ensure you have manual appliances, such as a manual can opener, handy.

Speaking of appliances, other important objects to have on hand are a flashlight, radio, spare batteries and a cellphone (and charger). Fully charged external batteries and solar chargers are not necessary, but are incredibly helpful, and highly recommended.
In any instance, but especially when preparing for a storm, First Aid preparation is key. According to Surviveware customer, Gary: “You never know when you’ll need it, but if unfortunately you do you’ll be glad you have [it].” In addition to having a fully stocked First Aid Kit, such as the Surviveware First Aid Kit, it is also a good idea to have extra prescription and over-the-counter medications, sanitation products and spares of any appropriate special needs items, such as diapers or oxygen. 

The Surviveware First Aid Kit is highly reviewed for its easy usability in emergency situations, its roomy yet compact interior, and its well-planned supply of first aid items. Says a Surviveware customer, in a review “I really like how clearly labeled the contents are. The items inside are of good quality. I like the outside zipper pouch on the front. I threw some stuff that gets used more often in there like medications… I liked that I didn’t have to add a bunch o[f] stuff [or] replace low quality items… I think I will have less problems with developing holes in the plastic bags like with my old kit because of the way each labeled sleeve mostly covers each sealed set of items . I am very pleased with this purchase.”

While it can be daunting to prepare for a winter storm, you will breathe much easier knowing you have every eventuality covered.

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