Five Foods That Stand up to Stubborn Belly Fat

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( — January 18, 2017) — For many people, belly fat is the last thing to go. You can lose weight but it seems to leave every place but your stomach. There are many things you can do to help shrink your midsection, but eating right is among the most important.

Now, before we launch into a discussion of foods that can diminish belly fat, it’s important to note that genetics and gender play a fundamental role in the ability to shed belly fat. Everyone has some level of cellulite, for example, which is a persistent subcutaneous fat that causes dimpling of the skin and is very difficult to get rid of, particularly for women. Luckily, cellulite is more of a surface fat and doesn’t come with great health risks, despite its unpleasant appearance.

Everyone also has visceral fat, which is what’s deep under the skin and is more difficult to lose. Furthermore, visceral fat can be dangerous if present for a long time. It increases your risk for adverse health conditions like diabetes, dementia, breast cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressures, stroke, and heart disease.

Visceral fat is often the prime culprit of belly fat. However, eating properly can help. If you’re struggling to shed the last of your belly fat, start eating more of these foods. 

1. Blueberries

Blueberries are a natural antioxidant, meaning that in addition to keeping skin clear and healthy, they can diminish belly fat. Even if blueberries are frozen, you can gain their fat-fighting benefits, making blueberry smoothies or oatmeal an excellent daily breakfast or snack choice.

2. Mushrooms

Research indicates that a lack of vitamin D can result in excess fat. Getting this vitamin is especially important in the winter when the sun is scarce, so try adding some mushrooms to your diet.

3. Oatmeal

Most of the time, intense cravings for snacks come when your blood sugar levels are low because you didn’t eat a big enough breakfast. Eating a large breakfast can increase fat content, making it important to choose a healthier breakfast. Oatmeal is rich in fiber and will stay in your stomach for several hours, effectively holding you over until lunch. A single bowl of the non-sugary variety will keep you going for hours.

4. Almonds

Some findings show that increasing your consumption of monounsaturated fats is key to burning visceral fat. Almonds are a great source of monounsaturated fat. What’s more, a handful of these gems can effectively curb cravings between meals since they’re also loaded with protein and fiber.

5. Eggs

Eggs are particularly effective when they’re eaten for breakfast. They are also an excellent alternative to foods like bagels and cereal, which are loaded with carbs and sugar that will sabotage your diet. One study showed that when obese or overweight participants ate an egg for breakfast versus a bagel, they lost 65 percent more weight.

Bonus: Avoid These Foods

If you’re on your way to losing belly fat, the last thing you want to do is sabotage your success by eating foods that can cause belly fat. In general, any foods loaded with sugars, carbs, hydrogenated oils, and trans fats can cause belly fat. Any of the following foods should be avoided or eaten in moderation:

  • Carb-Dense Foods
  • Unhealthy Fats
  • Milk and high-lactose dairy foods
  • Excess fructose
  • High-fiber vegetables like garlic and onions
  • Beans and nuts
  • Natural and artificial sweeteners

Anyone can lose belly fat with the right tools. Carefully evaluate your diet and make necessary changes to shed the weight and keep it off.