From Recession to a Flourishing Deep Cleaning Service

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( — January 19, 2017) — Mike Calamus, the man behind Calamus Enterprise never hides his rough road to success. The Estonian born entrepreneur got the taste for business at an early age, when he rented a piece of land for growing beets, and after the harvest sold them for a profit.

Continuing his passion in business and agriculture, Mike studied Forestry Economics. Business continued to thrive following graduation.

Looking for new challenges, he moved to United Kingdom, where the new country welcomed him with a career in hospitality industry. Calamus decided to focus on commercial cleaning within the broad and competitive industry. Leisureplex Hotels Group and NATO military bases is where he found his niche for deep kitchen cleaning. Mike Calamus learned the depths of the industry in Europe and his eagerness to succeed soon secured him a new home and a stable income.

Like many seemingly stable routes to success at the time, the 2007 recession affected Calamus as well. Facing the loss of his job and home led him to a search for new solutions.

Again taking a leap forward the unknown, Calamus decided to invest the little he had left towards a new beginning. Mike traveled to the U.S. and for his surprise, the U.S. was not as developed in the cleaning industry as Europe. The local companies were often not investing in cleaning services or were using outdated technologies. To Calamus’ luck there was a whole market waiting to be filled.

After some market research and a set business plan he decided to start his own company – Calamus Enterprises . He started on his own, going from business to business and offering the commercial cleaning service, but soon faced the challenge of having to educate his customers. Many companies rather had their equipment fail due to grease than admit the seriousness of their unhygienic kitchen. But eventually, the business evolved through word of mouth and his effort on online marketing.

Now the company provides CE Kitchen Cleaning and CE odor Removal services in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina and have recently added locations in Southern California. To keep the multi-location business blooming and to assure their clients satisfaction Calamus Enterprises always has a district manager present at each project. The growth is rapid, as they now clean over 300 kitchens a year and some of their biggest clients include – Whole Foods, Sodexo, Compass Group, Towson University, Discovery Communications, Hilton, Washington Cathedral, Pfizer, Holy Cross Hospitals, Saudi Arabia Embassy and so on.  

Even though the business has increased immensely, Mike Calamus will always carry his humble upbringing and hard work with him, and can often be found on site of the cleaning services.