Ultimate Kitchen Launches Sink Soap Dispenser on Amazon

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(Newswire.net — January 20, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen announces the launch of their new Sink Soap Dispenser on Amazon.com.

Ultimate Kitchen has made a stride in providing customers with quality goods that meet their demands. The company has continued to expand its line of products year after year. Since its inception in 2014, Ultimate Kitchen has been creating products that simplify work in the kitchen with a great customer support to its clients. The new Sink Soap Dispenser, introduced in December 2016, is just an addition of its wide range of kitchen products. This product is exclusively sold on Amazon.com.

The launch of the new sink soap dispenser by the firm joins several other kitchen products on the line. The products being sold by Ultimate Kitchen have already become popular as seeing their star rating on Amazon says a lot about them. Apart from the new sink soap dispenser, the company also offers kitchen sink faucets, baking mat, vacuum sealers, stainless steel chef knives and several other products. These are available in different sizes, prices, and with slightly varying features. More information on their built in sink soap dispenser can be found in the company’s video on YouTube.

Cassie Clark, Director of Operations for Ultimate Kitchen, said, “The Ultimate Kitchen’s chrome sink soap dispenser is a new addition to our wide range of kitchen products. We understand customer needs variety and creating products that meet these needs is our goal. The sink soap dispenser that we’ve just launched is efficient in use and easy to install. Just follow the instruction video and you will have your dispenser ready for use”.

The recently released sink soap dispenser has already drawn attention and has been acquired by a good number of people on Amazon. Since its release in December, the product now has over 11 customer reviews with over 4.1 star rating. With such a rating, this indicates how the product has become famous in just a few days after its launch on Amazon.

One of the buyers on Amazon, ST, reviewed the product and said, “This item is gem. It gave a clean look to my countertop, Very easy to install. The convenient part is that you can just refill from the top and don’t have to crawl under once it is installed initially.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s new sink soap dispenser has a large capacity soap bottle that is capable of being filled from the top. The product comprises of a 3 inch nozzle that reaches over the sink for easy use. It is made of stainless steel which is a durable material thus can last a long time before needing to replace it. It as well comes with an installation video present on the Ultimate Kitchen website and YouTube. Buyers on Amazon are offered a five-year replacement warranty and a great customer support which can be seen from the customer reviews comments. The product is being offered on Amazon at $19.99.

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