Dental Tourism in Cancun

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( — January 24, 2017) — From fishing village to dental tourism hub: Why Cancun attracts more than regular tourists

Cancun’s popularity as a holiday destination is well known – at this time of year it is a go-to location for North Americans, as well as holiday-makers from across the globe enticed by gorgeous weather, pristine, white beaches and crystal-clear waters.

From humble beginnings as a humble fishing village to one of the go-to resorts lying on the stunning Gulf of Mexico coastline known as the Riviera Maya, the area attracts around five million visitors a year and produces a fifth of Mexico’s revenue. Diving and snorkeling in tropical reefs, the Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichén Itzá and sophisticated, world-class tourist facilities ensures there are plenty of attractions and diversions for visitors.

However, Cancun’s attractions are now extending beyond mere vacationers as the resort positions itself as a medical tourism hub – and why not? The infrastructure is already there in terms of accommodation options and other facilities and pastimes required by visitors – from air-conditioned shopping malls to first-rate restaurants serving international cuisines, as well as unique, local specialties. 

Why medical tourism?

Medical tourism is another string in Mexico’s bow of attractions for foreign visitors, particularly for North Americans. As cosmetic surgery has soared in popularity, Mexico is a convenient and cost-effective location for visitors from north of the Border who are looking for cost-effective solutions. Prices in Mexico are typically around 60% lower and with savings so large it’s little wonder that people are drawn here for cut-price medical procedures and at the same time get to enjoy their recuperation in a beautiful location.

It’s not just cosmetic surgery options that attract visitors, but the whole gamut of medical and surgical specialties, from infertility treatments to dental crowns. Medical tourism also includes dental tourism, and Mexico has established itself as a ready-market for visitors who either don’t have dental insurance, or whose cover is inadequate for their needs.

Affordable dental care

From complex procedures like full mouth rehabilitation to simple fillings, there are dental tourists who, rather than booking a dental holiday especially, will look to combine their dental care with their annual holiday. Mainly, it is because it is an affordable and effective way of remaining on top of their dental health. Check-ups and preventive care, such as fillings, can easily be taken care of by dentists such as Ocean Dental – and for the inconvenience of an hour or two out of a holiday it is well worth the effort.

For these visitors booking their annual dental check-up with a Cancun dentist makes a lot of sense, particularly as the cost is usually a fraction of the price they’d pay at home and the quality of the care is excellent. Cancun’s dental clinics are staffed by well-qualified dentists, many of whom have trained internationally, often having American Dental Association memberships, as well as international professional organizations, such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Whether relaxing or thrill-seeking, Cancun caters for all-comers – and even at this busy time of year (peak season is December to April) the city never feels overcrowded – it’s the perfect antidote to for rest and recuperation of medical or dental care.