Easy Tips on Writing a Research Paper Introduction

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(Newswire.net — January 26, 2017) — Everyone faces difficulty while writing an introduction, be it research paper or essays, one needs guidance as introductions need to be very intriguing and attractive as well. One can get professional help from essayshark.com to get their work done by the experts.

Here are few tips on how to write a research paper introduction.

1)      Attentive start – Every introduction’s first sentence should be an attention seeker, you can start with a rhetorical question, or something witty that makes the reader start thinking. An introduction should grab the attention of the readers immediately and if the research is a social study, you can start with a short story related to the topic.

2)      Give the framework – The next important thing is to give context to the reader. Giving proper information related to the topic, one has to make sure that they do not overload themselves with information that can cause confusion or even lose interest in the research paper; overdose of anything can be harmful.

3)      Elucidate the value of your research – A foremost and a very important thing to do is to convey to the readers the worth of your research, how it is going to add value to their knowledge and enlighten them, you must define the significance of your research paper, this is one of the most vital thing to be done, though one must keep in mind that they are not overdoing it, this can be done in a single sentence in a more defined way.

4)      Overview – Introduction is more like a summary of what the whole paper is about, so one must make sure that they are giving an overview of their research paper, do not copy the title again and again and do not make the introduction an obvious and boring one.

5)      Outline – Even though the outline is not a part of your introduction, one must keep that in mind before writing the introduction, as you cannot write anything different than what you have mentioned in your introduction, it lmakes your reseearch paper misleading and unacceptable, so one must make this a priority.

One must keep in mind these five main points before writing an introduction of a research paper,seems an introduction needs to have all of the above mentioned things. There should be clarity in writing, introductions should also be very intriguing so one will look forward to reading the entire research paper after reading the introduction.

One can try referring to similar types of study to learn more about how an introduction can be written. Referring to other papers could be helpful, but one must make sure they are not copying the whole idea. Introductions have to be creative and unique and one must try to write in their own words without any plagiarism.