Concierge Care Tampa Bay Rebrands to Insight LifeCare

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( — February 3, 2017) Brandon, Florida — The change comes as Dr. Chris Nussbaum, a doctor with more than 30 years of practice, seeks to expand the growing concept to multiple cities beyond the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Having proven the concept – that both doctors and patients benefit when there is a single person directing all medical care, no matter where it is performed – Dr. Nussbaum is now looking to expand the practice, bringing on new doctors and nursing staff who believe in his vision for the future of medical care.

Along with the rebranding and expansion plans, Insight LifeCare has also launched three tiered programs to ensure anyone who wants to experience concierge medicine for themselves can do so, regardless of their income level.

  • VIP Care – this package is $75/month, and includes one office visit per month, in-office lab work, testing and EKGs, appointments within 24 hours, and preventative care and wellness plans.
  • Premium Care – this package is $150/month, and in addition to the VIP package, it includes unlimited office visits, hospital and inpatient care, a dedicated health coordinator, and telemedicine. 
  • Elite Care – this package is $250/month, and includes, in addition to the Premium package benefits, six home visits per year, access to your personal physician’s cell phone, and after hours appointments as needed. 

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About Insight LifeCare

Insight LifeCare was founded and is run by Dr. Chris Nussbaum, a doctor with decades of experience operating practices that range from small operations to large, 30+ doctor groups. When he sold his last major medical practice to a hospital group, he decided he wasn’t done helping people, and set out on a journey to open a concierge medical practice that would completely transform the way both patients and doctors think about and experience medicine and healthcare. He is staffing Insight LifeCare with doctors and registered nurses who are passionate about helping him realize his vision.

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