Milk Thistle May Offer Potential Benefits Against Liver Disease

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( — February 3, 2017) Orlando, FL — In fighting a variety of diseases and disorders, many consumers turn to the use of natural alternatives like milk thistle. This natural ingredient is thought to have the ability to protect organs from various health threats.

Milk thistle may offer potential benefits against liver disease. Otherwise known as Silybum marianum, this natural alternative has been utilized for 2,000 years with the intent to be a medicine. It has been used to potentially fight problems that affect the kidney, liver, and gallbladder.

The use of natural ingredients like milk thistle has become increasingly been popular over the years. This is due to the rising prevalence of health threats that impact millions of people from around the world.

According to some experts, the body only needs to be nourished with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to increase its protection against diseases. Lack of these nutrients could weaken the immune system considering that there are various health threats in certain types of food and the environment.

Thus it could be quite helpful to ensure that the body is equipped with health-protective properties. This could eliminate the risk of using certain pharmaceutical drugs.

When any part of body encounters a problem, people often resort to the use of pharmaceutical drugs. While certain medications are formulated to help eliminate a disease or symptom, there are those that work on a temporary basis only.

Once their therapeutic effects wear away, sufferers are typically advised to take another dose. Unfortunately, the use of some medications has been linked with side effects. What is even more alarming is that the risk of these side effects increases when the medications are used frequently.

According to some scientific studies, milk thistle contains a flavonoid known as silymarin. This flavonoid is believed to work by protecting the liver from toxins, including those that come from pharmaceutical drugs. There are certain medications that are extremely damaging to the liver when taken in high doses.

Silymarin contains possible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is thought to have the potential to encourage the self-repairing abilities of the liver. This is done by aiding in the growth of new cells.

This natural alternative is often recommended as an option for individuals with alcoholic cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis. It is thought to have the ability to improve liver function as well as increase the survival rates of individuals who suffer from chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis.

It is worth mentioning that hepatitis is actually a widely used remedy for viral hepatitis, particularly hepatitis C.

In a study, it was found that 16 participants experienced a significant reduction in the viral load of hepatitis C. These participants are nonresponsive of interferon medications.

There are many other possible benefits linked with the use of milk thistle. It is considered to be an antidote for emergency cases, such as death cap mushroom poisoning.

In animal studies, it has been found that milk thistle was effective in counteracting the toxic effects of mushroom when taken within ten minutes of poisoning. When it is administered within 24 hours, it may decrease the risk of liver damage and death.

The silymarin in milk thistle has also been thought to be helpful against cancer. It may potentially stop the reproduction of cancer cells as well as decrease the blood supply to tumors.

Milk thistle may be an excellent ingredient to use in protecting the liver. One of the most recommended milk thistle supplements comes from Divine Bounty. This company is dedicated in offering pure, potent, safe, and effective milk thistle.


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