Ashwagandha’s Multiple Potentials Reach a Whole New Level

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( — February 6, 2017) Winnetka, IL — Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines have been using a variety of herbs and spices in hopes to fight certain diseases and disorders. One of these herbs is called ashwagandha, which has been used for thousands of years due to its unique qualities.

Ashwagandha’s multiple potentials reach a whole new level. This is believed to be one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Otherwise known as Indian ginseng, this herb is believed to offer a myriad of health benefits to the body and mind.

In Sanskrit, ashwagandha means “the smell of a horse” as it is believed to provide the strength and vitality of a stallion. This herb may be found in dryer regions of Africa, India, and the Mediterranean. It belongs to the adaptogenic family of herbs and is thought to work together with the adrenal systems.

Ashwagandha may complement the ability of the adrenal systems to adapt to chemical, physical, and environmental stressors. It is important to remember that the human body is exposed to these stressors on a daily basis.

When there is too much stress, the body suffers from burnout or adrenal fatigue. This could lead to a variety of undesirable symptoms, such as weight gain, insomnia, sluggishness, mood issues, and endocrine abnormalities.

This herb is believed to help regain the healthy levels of cortisol throughout the body. This may then significantly help decrease the effects of stress. Ashwagandha may also have the potential to boost energy and endurance.  Due to the possible adaptogenic properties of ashwagandha, this herb may potentially modulate the endocrine system. It may also offer support to the underactive (hypo-) and overactive (hyper-) thyroids.

It is believed to offer two regulating effects on the secretion of two thyroid hormones, namely the T4, which is the storage hormone and the T3, which is the active thyroid hormone. It is important to note that ashwagandha is not be a replacement for a thyroid medication.

However, it is also worth mentioning that it may potentially help to provide some relief to hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism symptoms. This is possibly due to its believed balancing effects.

Ashwagandha is also thought to be a natural mood enhancer. According to some research studies, it has the potential to aid in brain health.

This herb also has the potential to enhance levels of norepinephrine, which is a brain chemical.

In another study, ashwagandha has been found to have calming effects comparable to a certain prescription anti-anxiety medication. Researchers suggest that it may play a role in aiding clinical anxiety and depression.

The possible anti-inflammatory effects of ashwagandha are also some of the attributes of this herb that are hard to overlook. Inflammation has long been associated with the onset of various diseases and disorders.

These potential anti-inflammatory effects of this herb have also been thought to be beneficial against pain and inflammation linked with arthritis. This may also be helpful against skin problems, like eczema and psoriasis.

This powerful herb is thought to be an excellent weapon against free radical damage due to its possible antioxidant effects.

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