Cary Frounfelter on Orthotic Use in Preventing Sports Injuries

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( — January 31, 2017) Largo, Florida — As Americans engage in healthier lifestyles, sports-related injuries are on the rise. Cary Frounfelter, a licensed prosthetist and orthotist with a private practice in Largo, Florida, has noted an upswing in injuries to the legs, ankles, and feet of patients. A recent study review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine indicates that orthotics surpass cushioned shoe insoles in reducing or preventing injury. The study looked at reviews and clinical trials of orthotics and shock-absorbing insoles, noting that only orthotics are shown to reduce the occurrence of injuries. “The reviews analyzed by the journal are a starting point for further research,” says Mr. Frounfelter, who has been providing orthotics to clients for over 20 years. “Custom-designed orthotics can greatly reduce injury rates in people who walk, run, or play sports.” To learn more about Cary’s work, visit

In the published study, results from eleven trials of orthotics and seven trials of shock-absorbing shoe insoles were analyzed. Foot orthotics were shown to reduce the overall risk of injury by up to 28%. These orthotics, which are custom-fitted to each user’s unique foot shape, also reduced the risk of stress fractures by an impressive 41%. Cushioned insoles were not shown to reduce injury rates, and in at least one of the trials analyzed by researchers, such insoles actually increased the chances of injury. “Cushioned insoles may feel great, but they don’t provide enough arch support or stabilization to provide real benefits,” adds Cary. “Again, further study is needed to help individuals and clinicians make informed product choices.”

Custom orthotics are made from space-age materials like molded plastics and carbon fiber. Designed and shaped specifically for each patient, each orthotic is fitted by a licensed orthotist, offering support and protection for those engaged in activities like running, soccer, and football. Cary Frounfelter was certified by the American Board of Certification in Orthotics in 1997, and he received his license to practice in Florida the following year. Since then, he has provided patients around the state with custom orthotics. In addition to orthotics, Mr. Frounfelter is also a licensed prosthetist, helping patients regain their mobility after amputation. In 2012, he opened a clinic in Jamaica, where he and his staff provide prosthetic limbs free of charge to Jamaican amputees. Since the clinic opened, he has helped over 200 Jamaican citizens to lead happier, more mobile lives. For more information on Cary and the work he has done in the prosthetic and orthotic fields, visit

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After losing his right leg in a vehicle accident in the 1980s, Florida-licensed prosthetist/orthoptist Cary Frounfelter turned his educational focus from architecture to the study of prosthetics. He has been active in the prosthetic and orthotic fields since 1989, providing patients with devices to help them regain mobility. In addition to his Florida-based private practice, Mr. Frounfelter has also led missions to Jamaica, where he has provided free prosthetic limbs to over 100 Jamaican amputees.

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