New Study Reveals Resveratrol Potentially Improves Health

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( — February 9, 2017) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more people are making dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve optimum health and live longer. There are also those who, in addition to these modifications, believe in the potential therapeutic effects of certain natural ingredients, such as antioxidants.

A new lab-based study reveals resveratrol’s potential ability to help promote health and longevity. Resveratrol is a popular antioxidant that can be found in red wine and other food sources, which are believed to contain high nutritional values.

In a study, which was featured in the March 8 issue of Science, it was found that resveratrol may have the ability to activate a protein that promotes longevity as well as health in animal models. Researchers have also found that resveratrol contains compounds similar to pharmaceutical drugs that may potentially help certain age-related diseases.

Sirtuins, which are a group of genes, are thought to offer protection to mammals and other organisms in fighting aging-related diseases. Resveratrol was found to have the potential to increase the activity of SIRT1, which is a specific sirtuin.

SIRT1 is thought to protect the body against diseases. This may be possible by it reviving up the mitochondria, which is a type of cellular battery that gradually, slowly runs down as people age. According to scientists, recharging SIRT1 may have remarkable effects on health.

The researchers found that mice dosed with resveratrol achieved doubled endurance. They were also found to achieve immunity against aging and obesity.

According to David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School Professor of Genetics and Senior Author on the paper, in the history of pharmaceuticals, no drug has even been found to activate SIRT1 as effectively as resveratrol. He also added that nearly all pharmaceutical drugs either slow or block them.

The use of natural alternatives such as resveratrol has long been popular, especially in individuals who seek to achieve optimum health. It is also popular among those who are suffering from certain types of medical conditions.

Resveratrol may be obtained from a variety of food sources but it is also available through supplementation. Many individuals who are unable to consume resveratrol-rich foods often turn to supplementation.

This powerful potential antioxidant has also long been believed to help fight the signs of aging. As a matter of fact, there are many anti-aging products that contain resveratrol.

Supplements are widely thought to contain higher levels of resveratrol’s unique properties. Some of the most popular resveratrol supplements available in the market contain extracts of green tea, red wine, grape seed, and acai fruit.


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