‘Become a Suicide Bomber!’ Spoof Royal Navy Posters Provoke Fury

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(Newswire.net — February 4, 2017) — London, UK – Art knows no limits, however, new posters on transportation stops in London “had sparked a fury”, British tabloid, the Sun, reports.

The poster, brainchild of artist Darren Cullen, is a spoof Royal Navy recruitment poster that calls to join the British Navy as a part of the nuclear submarine crew and literary to “become a suicide bomber.”

The ad is pushing further, not only claiming there is no difference between terrorists and nuclear submarine sailors, but by revealing the facts that are going to happen after the submarine launches its payload.

 According to the artist who cited known facts, the moment nuclear submarine launches its first missile, it reveals its location and becomes a target itself. Contra measures will certainly destroy the submarine so the mission is suicidal from its start.

Secondly, the campaign emphasizes tens of millions of civil casualties will die in a nuclear strike which means sailors are not only “suicide bombers” but mass murderers that kill mostly civilians. The campaign classifies every nuclear submarine sailor as a terrorist/suicide bomber.

Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine safety and security whistleblower, William McNeilly, approved the controversial posters, confirming that the claim is actually true.

“The Sun claims that the message in the posters is “fake”, McNeilly told Russia Today on Friday. “It is well known on board nuclear submarines that the Trident submarine on patrol will be the prime target in a nuclear war,” McNeilly stressed.

Referring to the recent allegations of a government cover-up of a failed nuclear launch in 2016, McNeilly said that “it is not unlikely that the Trident submarines would nuke the United States by accident,” and the fact is that it “won’t survive the attack on Russia”, which all aboard the Trident are aware of.

The satirical posters that have appeared at bus stops across London are a part of artist Darren Cullen’s antinuclear campaign.

The art campaign succeeded the ‘Action Man: Battlefield Casualties’ series and ‘Pocket Money Loans,’ which launched the author towards success, gaining the endorsement of Veterans for Peace UK.