Ultimate Kitchen Provides Warranty on Fillet Knife

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(Newswire.net — February 9, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen has become a well-known online marketer. Teaming up solely with internet giant, Amazon, they have been offering their kitchen merchandise to online shoppers for years. The company seeks to offer consumers innovative goods tailored to both the casual and professional cook. Their directors follow market trends to bring products internet shoppers are seeking. Combining sought after products with a focus on customer service, the company has been able to expand their product line. In 2017, it will grow by approximately 50%. New Ultimate Kitchen products are soon to be ready for release to the marketplace.

Cassie Clark is the Director of Operations for Ultimate Kitchen. She said, “Our company is family run. We have moms and dads, so are able to tailor our business to address needs of busy families. No one has time or money to waste. That is why confidence in our quality is huge for us. Customers need to be know they are not wasting their money. For example, the lifetime warranty we are offering on our fillet knife is an assurance to clients that we stand behind them and our products.”

Ultimate Kitchen has chosen to sell their fillet knife on Amazon. Currently, it has earned a 100% five-star rating from buyers. A five star rating is Amazon’s highest. Written reviews from users have been strong.

“This is a really great fillet knife,” said an Amazon review written by flowerlynn. “I got this knife for my dad who is a big fisherman. When I presented it to him, he really liked the look of it and was excited to see that it has a scaler on one end. He was wondering if the knife would be dull or if it would be strong enough to hold up while cutting, as those are some common problems with filet knives. I must say that he was really impressed when using this one though! The scaler worked well. The blade on the knife is sharp and cuts through the skin easily. He also feels that the blade is put together well and will hold up. [He is] very happy to add it to his tools. He would recommend it to other fishermen looking for a good filet knife.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s Fillet Knife with Gut Spoon and Sheath is currently listed on Amazon for $39.95. The knife features an orange nylon handle that is designed to resist slipping when hands are wet. The seven inch blade is constructed from heat tempered 8CR13 stainless steel. The steel is known for its ability to maintain a sharp edge. It is also known for being easy to sharpen. The filelt knife includes a nylon material sheath that is custom fit to ensure a safe and secure enclosure. The sheath is able to attach to belt loops or backpack straps. Included in the purchase is access to an online eBook, How to Fillet a Fish (With Recipes).

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