What Should Guys be Looking For in Their Grooming Products?

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(Newswire.net — February 15, 2017) — Male grooming used to be simple. A bathtub full of steaming hot water, a bar of soap, shaving cream and a straight razor along with the regular visit to the barber shop was all it took to get us looking presentable.

It was easy to look clean and taken care of. Nowadays, things are vastly different. In some ways, you could even say we rival women when it comes down to grooming rituals.

Male grooming products have changed and grown in the last few years. While our fathers or grandfathers may have only had a handful of options, we have a truckload. Today we will look at the various facets that have surfaced for us manly men.


Shaving has been a constant bane for most men. It doesn’t matter if they can’t grow a beard, or want to stay clean shaven; or even somewhere in-between, it’s something that we just can’t avoid. The options we have here are plentiful, and in each aspect, there are more than one version.

Electric Razors

Norelco or Braun, perhaps even a Philips? Maybe just an off-brand name? While some may say an electric razor is an electric razor, there are subtleties between each one, and some come with features that you might not expect.


If you’re going to own a razor, you might as well have a good one. Gillette seems have the corner of the market with their Mach 3 and Pro Glide models. The key differences are in the number of blades on each razor, and whether or not the shaver has any powered attachments so that you can sculpt more than just hack it off.


If there’s a razor for it, quite possibly there is also a trimmer for it. The idea behind a good trimmer is to keep a certain length effortlessly. The trick is that you are often relegated to having to spend just as much time grooming as those who opt to shave it completely off if you want to maintain a shorter length, to very little time if you are aiming for good looking beard.

Straight Razors

If you ever wanted your great grandfather’s razor, this is probably it. It is a time tested and proven blade that you may only ever have to buy once. However, finding the quality accessories isn’t going to be a trip to the local drugstore in most cases, as this is not a mainstream item anymore; sadly.

In the Shower

Well guys, in this department we have come a long way from a bar of soap and whatever shampoo was on the shelf. We have entire brands devoted to us, with new ones sprouting up often. Even some of the more feminine names have started to take notice of us and make varieties of their shampoos geared strictly for us guys.


A good shampoo for a guy is the one that doesn’t smell like an orchard and leaves our hair filmy after a wash. Then, we should be aiming to prove that we can be just as environmentally friendly as the women we now and get something green. There are even anti-dandruff and hair strengthening shampoos for men.


This is often overlooked by men, but we do need to incorporate conditioner into our regimen. When picking out a conditioner, aim for the one made by the same brand as the shampoo. They will work great in tandem and leave your hair looking smooth, shiny, and just as soft.

Body Washes

There are just as many shower gels as there are bars of soap. Whichever you do decide on, make sure that the residual scent compliments your natural scent. If it doesn’t, it won’t work well for you in the end.

Skin Care and Shaving

Because personal preference plays such a large part in our regimen, it’s hard to tell how to gauge the deodorants and skin care products, or even the shaving creams and aftershaves. As men, we know that we need some of these and toss out the rest. While skin care is usually a back burner, it is quickly gaining momentum; because why should women have all the fun and look like they are in their 20’s for a few decades?


Firstly, unless you’re still a teenager, you might want to drop the Axe Body sprays. Just look at the chemical base in those things, not to mention the fact that you will have to reapply often. It’s just better to use a solid or gel based deodorant that compliments your other products, or is in line with the same product name, like Nivea’s line up for men.

Skin Care

While it may not be at the top of our list of priorities, this product line can help us look younger if we start this process early and keep at it. This isn’t a grab of the cheapest women’s skin care, but actually buying male oriented skin care products like those from Neal’s Yard Remedies. Being green for the environment and having a great skin care product line has never been so easy.

Beard Care

If you’re going to have a beard, you must maintain it. It’s not enough to just trim the excess off or even to just let it grow out. You will need a beard brush, a beard wax and/or oil, and a steady hand to keep it looking good. A good way to go is to get a full-service kit.

Nail Care

Believe it or not, unkept nails aren’t attractive on men. A little dirt and grime may be a part of the job, but the job only lasts so long. Real Men Real Style does a really wonderful  job of breaking down the tools to this trade, and even point you to who they think are the best manufacturers of these types of tools.

In Conclusion

While we may feel a bit silly taking on the same types of products our mothers or sisters use, in the end, it does do wonders for our appearance. This in turn does wonders for us, like more self-confidence and a better sense of self-worth. And the better we feel about ourselves, the more people will take notice which will only keep the feeling alive for longer and allow us to leave a great first impression, no matter who we meet or interact with.