Experts Reveal the Credit Card Tips That Are Never Really Smart at All

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( — February 23, 2017) Tallahassee, FL — Nowadays, there are many websites that offer a lot of advice and tips on how to manage credit cards. However, not all tips and tricks are applicable for everyone’s situation. There are tips that are supposed to help people’s credit but end up causing the opposite effect.

Experts reveal the credit card tips that are never really smart at all. Asking for a lower credit limit is one of the popular tips that can be found on the internet. While this can help people cap how much they can borrow and stay out of trouble, there is also a risk involved in this approach.

According to, 30 percent of the credit score is based on the amount of money being borrowed. The formula, which is called the credit utilization ratio, takes into account the amount borrowed as a percentage of the amount of available credit.

Being unable to pay off debts and reducing the credit limit can increase one’s ratio, and this can damage the credit card holder’s score. Thus, card holders are advised to focus their energy on internal restraints.

It has been widely known that paying off an installment account early can improve one’s credit. However, paying off a car loan or any installment loan can ding the score of credit card holders. This is due to the fact that it increases their utilization ratio.

While paying off a debt early is not discouraged since it can save card holders a bundle of interest, this approach may not be applicable at all times.

Opening many cards at once has been known to be an excellent trick for card holders to try on. However, doing this cannot result in the improvement of one’s utilization ratio.

According to Barry Paperno, credit expert at, card holders cannot enhance their utilization ratio by applying credit cards consecutively. This will result in a bunch of inquiries and many brand-new cards that can lower their score.

Credit card holders are advised to be realistic about their situation when it comes to improving their score. This may mean not applying for a card they are apparently not qualified to get.

These are just some of the techniques in managing credit cards. There are many ways to ensure that the use of credit cards is made favorable to card holders.

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