Ultimate Kitchen Offers Warranty on Upright Sealer

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(Newswire.net — February 19, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Trending among savvy cooks is using the vacuum sealing process to store food. Leftovers, meals prepared in advance, or bulk purchases divided into portions can all be vacuum sealed to preserve them longer than traditional storage methods. Vacuum sealing extracts the air that surrounds food, therefore decreasing the speed at which bacteria form. Bacteria cause food to spoil quickly.

Ultimate Kitchen, an internet marketer, has recognized this trend and sought to provide a line of vacuum sealing food storage products to accommodate their customers. They have developed a line of three sealers, two different compact models and one upright model. They sell BPA-free reusable storage canisters, one and two liter sizes, and plastic bag rolls. All sealers and accessories are designed to function together.

“Ultimate Kitchen is excited to feature a fantastic line of vacuum sealing products,” said Suzanne Weir, Marketing Director for Ultimate Kitchen. “But we know there are many different brands from which a shopper can choose. Therefore, it has been our mission to provide such a great product that ours will stand out among the rest. We also understand that our company needs more than products to instill customer confidence in our brand. So we are backing our sealer with a five year replacement warranty. This will help buyers trust their Ultimate Kitchen decision. Customer service is critical. If the product fails, simply contact us and a replacement will be shipped immediately, usually arriving in two days. We stand by our customers, and our products.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s has listed their upright vacuum sealer exclusively on Amazon. The machine features a stainless steel finish. A roll of plastic bags can be stored within and there is a cutting edge to customize the bag sizes. There is an internal box to contain any liquid that may be extracted. It features multiple settings to accommodate a variety of foods, such as delicate herbs or fruits and those with high moisture content. The sealer is listed for $59.99 and will ship for free using Amazon Prime membership.

In an online Amazon review of the vacuum sealing machine, Ashley said, “I am in love with this vacuum sealer!! It not only works, but it works so well and the bags that come with it are a great thick quality and I feel good about freezing food in them. I’ve used it so far for cooked beans (that had some liquid, no problem with that!) as well as pre-cooked and chopped chicken. Thrilled with the ease of use, quick sealing, and high quality of this product and definitely recommend it.”

Ultimate Kitchen has posted a web video on YouTube. The tutorial demonstrates how to operate the sealer and shows a demonstration of vacuum sealing dry food.

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