Ultimate Kitchen Razor Sharp Knife Designed for Chefs

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(Newswire.net — February 20, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen has just announced the introduction of a razor-like sharp chef knife for use in all purpose kitchen duties. It is being exclusively sold on Amazon.

As the Ultimate Kitchen firm grows, so does its line of products. “We mind all our dedicated customers,” said Cassie Clark, Director of Operations at Ultimate Kitchen. “For this reason, we create products that have features that are highly desired by our customers. For instance, the chef knife is build more suitably for stay at home moms and has all the qualities they could require in an exceptional knife. It is very sharp, can cut any kind of food and has a nice handle for easy chopping or slicing of food.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s Pro 8” Chef Knife and 7” Santoku Knife is just another addition to other types of chef knives created by the same brand. The brand offers different types of knives with different finishes. They as well vary in size and functionality. Also, there are several other kitchen products being offered by this brand and they include; sink soap dispensers and food vacuum sealers, among other products.

This chef knife set are created with the user in mind. Whatever purpose you want to perform in the kitchen, the knife has all the features that will make slicing, cutting and chopping of food to be easy and precise. The knife is made of stainless steel which is a durable material and will last a while before needing to buy another set. The Deluxe Pakka wood handle offers the user grip to handle the knife well for correct chopping and cutting of different foods.

Not long ago when this chef knife set was released, it has already received positive reviews from its previous buyers on Amazon. The product is highly rated on Amazon with a 4.8 star rating out of 5. After teaming up with Amazon to be its online distributor, Ultimate Kitchen has been able to reach its worldwide customer base with much ease due to its shipping policy. This has attracted many online buyers to the ecommerce platform making it to become the largest in the world.

One of the verified Amazon buyers, Margaret Corfman said, “I love these knives! They are perfect additions to my cooking collection. I love to cook! This set comes with two knives. One is an 8” chef knife and the other a is 7” Santoku knife. The chef knife is a good all around knife and I use the Santoku knife for chopping since the edges help vegetables from sticking to it. These are made from quality stainless steel and have a beautiful wooden handle. The handle helps proportion the weight of the knives for easier chopping.”

The chef knife has a razor-like sharpness to cut and slice all kinds of foods easily and precisely. The set comes in two different sizes which include 8” chef knife and 7” santoku knife for versatile use. Buyers on Amazon get a five year replacement warranty on purchase of this chef knife set. Such features make these knives suitable for various kinds of usage such as for home or for commercial use. The product is listed on Amazon at $59.99.

For additional information concerning the Ultimate Kitchen’s knife set or its other kitchen products such as vacuum sealers, sink soap dispensers, or sink faucets, follow the links below to find out more.

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