Reasons Why Many Fear the Solar Eclipse

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( — February 25, 2017) — The sky will be illuminated in a “ring of fire” on Sunday as the Earth welcomes its first solar eclipse of 2017.

An eclipse is a natural phenomenon. It always occurs on a New Moon. The first one in 2017 will take place on February 26.

The longest recorded duration of a total solar eclipse is 7.5 minutes. There can be a maximum of five solar eclipses, partial, annular or total in any given year, and there are at least two solar eclipses every year somewhere on planet Earth.

Yet, despite knowing so much about eclipses, humans are still as excited and as terrified by them as ever.

In some ancient and modern cultures, solar eclipses have been attributed to supernatural causes, and some even regard them to be bad omens. 

The Sun has always symbolized the rulers, whereas the Moon stood for the people. When the eclipse takes place, the Moon is the one shadowing the Sun, and since the New Moon is the one in question, it is the symbol of new beginnings. Therefore, rulers were scared of a possible rebellion, or simply that something could happen which would results in their weakened power and strength, everything that the Sun symbolizes.

In China, drums are beaten in a ritual that aims to scare off the dragons and make the Sun to re-appear, which eventually it ends up doing.

In India, women are forced to be indoors to avoid the shadow, as it is believed to bring badluck. Pregnant women especially instructed by the authorities to hide away from the eclipse.

Throughout civilization, these natural phenomena were believed to be “given by God to act as human warnings”, the Independent reports in an interview with Allan Chapman, a historian of science, based at the University of Oxford. This understanding of eclipses and other celestial phenomena as warnings hasn’t gone away entirely. Some Christian pastors have said that the eclipse is a message from heaven.

Yet, the scientist admits that a simple human desire to believe in the Divine could be in the very core of this equation, as without it, we would simply resemble a goldfish.

Animals are also reported to behave differently in times of the solar eclipse. According to Daily Mail, they are reported to behave confusedly.

According to the Telegraph, songbirds are seen to fall silent during the Eclipse, as the Moon’s passing infront of the Sun is bound to trigger night-time behaviour, and therefore due to the darkening sky, daily creatures went to sleep. The nocturnal animals, however, are reported to be even more alert, whereas the re-appearance of the Sun may trigger a false dawn alarm.

It is a wide known fact that Moon phases affect mood and the psychological state, especially of women. However, studies show that men are more susceptible to the effects of a Solar eclipse. The reason behind this fact is found in Chinese medicine which analyzes the Sun as the Ying element, the active male side. Therefore, during an eclipse, men may feel threatened by women’s initiative and dominance, as this affects their ego, which is symbolized by the Sun.

Those who are acquainted with astrology would be interested to know will take place in Pisces, a sign that characterizes people who are in constant movement, without a permanent residence, such as migrants. Therefore, if astrological predictions are to be followed, migrants’ rebelion and expression of their dissatisfaction could take place.

This is why this day is considered to be dangerous for those who exceedingly consume alcohol and drugs. Astrologers also warn that we should be more careful in traffic, as a drop in concentration is highly likely.

Astrologers also advise to be careful when communicating these days, as the Sun will be opposed to asteroids Karma and Psyche, bringing problems to Pisces, Virgos, Geminis and Sagitarrius’, as well as everyone who are in unclear relationships, whether they are of business or emotional nature.

The greatest impact of this Solar eclipse is to take place in the southern part of South America, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and in the countries of South Africa.

Regardless of whether or not the eclipse has a divinatory purpose for you, make sure you wear protective eyeware as it is essential to use a proper solar filter or to view this rare ring of fire in an indirect viewing method, according to CBS news.

“You can never look directly at the sun, and an annular eclipse is no exception!”, NASA warns.