Ultimate Kitchen Announces Release of Sealer Bags

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(Newswire.net — February 28, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — In December, Ultimate Kitchen added another piece to their line of vacuum sealing products. The internet marketer has been specializing in kitchen merchandise for many years. Due to the growing popularity of using vacuum sealing to store foods such as leftovers, pre-prepared meals and food purchased in bulk, Ultimate Kitchen developed their own line of sealing products. To date, they have launched three different vacuum sealers, three sizes of multi-ply plastic bags, and two sizes of reusable storage containers. The sealers and accessories can all work together, or with other brand names. Using vacuum sealing to store food has been shown to reduce the speed at which food spoils, due to the extraction of the surrounding air.

“Vacuum sealing is a clever concept that has been catching on for quite some time,” said Ultimate Kitchen’s Marketing Director, Suzanne Weir. “The idea of being able to increase the lifespan of food is very appealing to so many consumers. Who likes throwing away spoiled food? Simply by extracting the air around food, it can last five times longer. Air speeds up the rotting process of food. What a great money saving idea! I seal dry foods, moist foods, and even delicate fresh herbs. I love that what I seal stacks up so neatly in my pantry and freezer, no bulky containers that take up tons of space.”

The Ultimate Kitchen food storage bags for vacuum sealing were first listed on Amazon in December. Since then, reviews on the Amazon listing site have been positive. To date, the bags have earned a high star rating.

“These bags are the real deal,” said one verified Amazon buyer. “All the bags I’ve used before are awful quality. No air leaks, no problems yet.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s six inch by ten inch vacuum sealer bags are sold in a set of 50. Listed on Amazon, for $19.99 and shipping will be free using Prime. The bags have a multi-ply construction to prevent freezer burn. They are BPA-free so are microwave safe. The vacuum sealer bags can be customized to accommodate a variety of portion sizes. The bags will work with any clamp style vacuum sealer. They can be washed and reused.

All of Ultimate Kitchen’s merchandise is sold exclusively on Amazon. They feature a line of nine stainless steel kitchen sink faucets, baking mats and cooking cutlery designed for any chef. The company is perhaps best known for their line of soap dispensers. They come in built-in and countertop models, regular or foaming soap options. The size of their travel size foaming soap dispenser is airline approved for carry-on luggage. The company focuses on products that are innovative, durable, and value-based.

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