How to Build a World Class Website in Five Easy Steps

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( — March 6, 2017) –There’s no gainsaying that you must have a good website if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Your website is an important resource your business must not lack because it serves as the meeting point between you and most of your customers.

The benefits of having a world class website are quite numerous. It improves customer engagement and generally gives a good impression of your business. As a result, this brings in more returns in terms of income and leads.

While others have the financial means to get a website up and running in no time, you might still be looking for tips on how to build a website from scratchSo if your aim is to build a world class business website, here are the 5 essential steps you must take.

Get a good domain name

A good domain name can be likened to the foundation of a building. It provides the basis upon which a viable online business can’t be built. It is worthy of note that you should carefully select a good domain name since it doesn’t make much sense to always change it especially when people get used to it.

According to experts, a good domain name must be short and sweet, easy to spell and pronounced, and must not be obscure. Also, you should tie your domain name to your brand and also choose a good extension.

Select a reliable web hosting service

Web hosting is a service that provides certain infrastructure that allows you to post your website content on the internet. No website can exist without web hosting. Think of web hosting like a rented space where all your web facilities are kept.

In choosing a web hosting company, you should be concerned about important details such as the uptime, server backup space, load time or speed, accessibility, and finally, pricing. One good way to select the best hosting company is by checking online reviews.

Use a nice web design

With the likes of WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and Drupat providing great CMS solutions, web owners can now create their own designs, almost effortlessly. But the problem is that there are too many shoddy designs out there.

Knowing fully well that your web design helps to improve your brand visibility and also boost your SEO efforts, an average web design might not really help. It has to be outstanding. Consider building a small business web design that would drive an immense conversation rate even if it means keeping a decent budget for it.

Create unique blog content

One of the major reasons your customers keep visiting your blog is because they can always get valuable information about the products and services. Therefore, saying that great content is the fuel that keeps your business blog moving isn’t a bogus claim.

But don’t get the whole content thing wrong. Content goes beyond the few web pages, blog posts, white papers, and journals which you publish on your website. It also includes infographics, videos, and social media integrations. You should make provision for those too.

Promote your website

Having a world class website doesn’t end at hosting a website, providing valuable content, and giving it a nice design. While these are also good prerequisites, the ultimate factor is your ability to put your website in front of the right audience. This is mainly achieved through blog promotion or marketing.

There are numerous ways to go about this and in a matter of time start getting the desired results. SEO, PPC, guest posting, Social media ads, and email marketing are some of them. Really, the list is exhaustive but you can start from here.