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(Newswire.net — March 7, 2017) New York, NY — Dr Fred Rouse, CFP The REAL Money Doctor and International Best Selling Author readies for March Madness with his new special report Battle of the Brackets, Retirement Edition.

Dr Rouse details, in his new special report, the play by play breakdown to help anyone remotely thinking about retirement how they can “Cut Down the Nets” and celebrate their Ultimate Secure Retirement.

March Madness® is where the most elite college basketball teams from all across the country battle to be the best. But it doesn’t start off that way. It starts with a decision. A choice. A dedication from each and every player on the team to think ahead, work together, and create a winning strategy that will take them from the home court at their school all the way to the national championship.

 Dr Rouse stated, “Retirement is no different than the big game. Instead of spending all year practicing and working toward the glitz and glamour of the big game, you spend a lifetime working toward the comfort and pride of a nest egg. You start your career as a rookie straight out of college. Then you work your way through the big leagues. And, after years of hard work, you hang up your jersey and take a seat in your very own hall of fame. That is, if you listened to your coaches and executed and the right strategies to make your way there.”

 He went on to say, “Not everyone makes it into the Retirement Hall of Fame. Some play the game their entire lives, but either due to lack of planning or poor coaching, they don’t quite succeed in forging their way to a retirement peace of mind. Instead, they spend their later years still working and saving and stressing, instead of enjoying the fruits of their labor. They rely on the support of their children and family members instead of traveling the world, playing golf, eating fine foods, trying fine wines, and living the Ultimate Secure Retirement they deserve.”

Dr Rouse details the strengths and challenges of 8 critical brackets he feels are needed if you want to make sure you make it into the Retirement Hall of Fame. “I want to be there for you” he stated and went on saying, “looking over your shoulder and watching the entire court so you don’t overlook any opportunities, so you retire from the life of a champion. I want to help you make that happen.” 

 Dr Rouse is offering this report for free to raise awarness of what you need to do  to make it past the final 10 to the Big Game.

About Dr. Fred Rouse:

Dr. Fred Rouse, CFP (aka: The REAL Money Doctor & Quiet Trader) started as the son of a blue-collar carpet installer in South Philadelphia. His entrepreneurial spirit soon emerged as he started painting handrails at age 10. After five years in the US Coast Guard at the tail end of the Vietnam War and ten years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist working the critical care units of an inner city hospital he thought there had to be a better way and started his in-depth study of money and people.

Becoming a Certified Financial Planner® was not enough for him. He went on to graduate studies and now holds a PhD in Taxation, Doctorate in Business Administration and even did a year in law school just for some additional background.

He teamed with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) to write the international best seller The Soul of Success. He is now the top Certified Financial Planner®, Money Expert and International Best-Selling Author that has received several national awards for his writing and money expertise.

In April 2017 he plans on releasing his new book Cracking the Code to Success that he co authored with Brian Tracy. Early expetations are for another best seller.

He works with selected individuals and a variety of small businesses that earn in excess of 7 figures a year, to improve their lives, cut taxes, make money, protect their assets and help them gain the personal time to enjoy the Iconic Lifestyle they want and deserve.

He’s developed The REAL Money Doctor’s Business Rx, 6 Essentials for a Healthy Business to Make Money with the legendary Brian Tracy that helps aspiring as well as seasoned entrepreneurs take control of their business, cut their taxes and make more money while still having the time to enjoy a personal life.

Dr. Rouse also helps serious people who are 50 and older with a simple blueprint to find 63% More Money for their Ultimate Secure Retirement© in less than 20 minutes a day even if they have zero business or investment experience so they can be financially independent and retire at an age young enough to enjoy it.

His passion for helping others is shared through his books, courses, special reports and webinars which are found on his website. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Rouse and how he can help you and or your business, please contact him directly via his website: DrFredRouse.com.

Dr. Rouse and his work have been featured on FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, A&E, BRAVO, USA Today, Forbes, Wall Street Business, Hollywood Live, The Money Show, Investing Daily and more.


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