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( — March 10, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho —  Ultimate Kitchen’s line of soap dispensers was extended in 2016 with the addition of the set of three travel size foaming dispensers. They chose the travel size to be able to offer a soap dispenser that was portable, yet small enough to carry inside a handbag, diaper bag or backpack. The dispenser holds 3.4 ounces of liquid, which allows it to meet airline restrictions on size for carry-on liquids. Since space is always limited when traveling. Ultimate Kitchen’s travel size dispensers are large enough to hold an ample amount of soap to last for an extended period of time. They are lightweight plastic, but sturdy enough to withstand jostling when packed in a suitcase or carry-on. They come with a snap on lid to prevent leaks and spills.

Online marketer, Ultimate Kitchen is featuring their foaming trio set with their mobile consumers in mind. The soap dispensers function well traveling, but also while camping, hiking, biking or boating. They can easily tuck into a backpack or pocket. The compact size will also save space while on a camper or motorhome countertop. Users will have access to their favorite soaps or shampoos, even while away from home.

“This travel trio set is a must for any active person,” said Cassie Clark, Director of Operations for Ultimate Kitchen. “I am in hotels and on an airplane frequently, but I never need to go without my favorite soap, shampoo and body wash. Because the dispensers are foaming, I only fill them partially with my soaps at home, then add water when I get to the hotel. Foaming soap uses less product, so it is lighter in my carry-on.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s set of three foaming soap dispensers have already achieved a high four-five star rating from purchasers on Amazon. Reviews written by verified buyers have been positive.

“I use a foaming cleanser that relies on its foam formula to gently clean,” said CSheih in an Amazon review. “I must say that the foamer in these bottles is even better than the foamer in the original product! The foam comes out more refined, aerated, and has more volume; this really helps conserve the amount of liquid product you have. I brought these along to two trips and they didn’t leak, crack, or get damaged in my luggage. In my experience, one bottle of this amount can last a month of travel time when you use it twice a day. Great product!”

Ultimate Kitchen’s travel set of three foaming soap dispensers is listed on Amazon, for $13.46. Members of Prime will receive free shipping. The dispensers meet airline requirements for carry-on liquids. Each bottle is made of lightweight plastic and will hold up to 3.4 ounces of soap, shampoo or body wash. The bottles have a lid that snaps on for a secure fit.

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