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(Newswire.net — March 10, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — In 2016 online marketer Ultimate Kitchen developed and launched a food storage vacuum sealing system. The company expanded with the line when marketing researchers indicated vacuum sealing was a popular trend among consumers. They discovered many benefits of storing food through vacuum sealing. Since the introduction of the line, Ultimate Kitchen has received positive feedback regarding the benefits.

Consumers have reported that by using the vacuum sealing process to store foods they are able to reduce the amount of discarded food due to spoilage. The lifespan of perishable foods can be extended to up to five times. Extracting air that is around food when sealing, reduces the rate at which bacteria forms. Consumers are able to buy bulk food, divide it into portions and seal for later use. Homemade meals can be prepared ahead of time and stored for later consumption.

The Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealing line includes three different sealing machines. Two sealers are compact models, and one is an upright design. Sold separately from the machines, are three different sizes of textured multi-ply plastic sealing bags that are sold in sets of 50. The company also offers reusable plastic storage canisters, offered in both one and two liter sizes. The bags and canisters are both made from BPA-free plastic, so are safe for microwave use. All their sealing products are able to work together, but any brand of sealing bags or containers can be compatible with their vacuum sealers.

First introduced on Amazon in 2016, the compact vacuum sealer has received reviews on Amazon that have been very positive. In the first two months of an active listing, over 600 sealers were sold.

Amazon buyer Martin said in his review, “My wife had several different vacuum dealers, including Food Saver. This is the first one that actually works!”

“Loving this vacuum sealer,” said a verified Amazon customer in a review. “We like to buy food in bulk. Then we separate into serving sizes and seal them. It’s made life much easier. We’ve had this for about a month and have no complaints.”

Ultimate Kitchen’s compact vacuum sealer has been listed on Amazon, for $149.00. The sealer weighs slightly over four pounds and is 16.6 inches long, therefore can be stored on the countertop or in a drawer. The sealer is clamp style and will seal any plastic bag. It is designed to connect to vacuum sealer accessories, such as Ultimate Kitchen vacuum canister, for handheld vacuum sealing. The sealer will include the attachment tube, but canisters are sold separately. It features normal, gentle and moist food settings for proper sealing. Prime applies therefore shipping will be free with membership. The sealer will include a five year replacement warranty from Ultimate Kitchen.

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