How Technology Is Changing the Transport Industry

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( — March 14, 2017) — We have all seen the effects of technology in our homes. It’s the reason we’re able to communicate with friends half way around the world. The reason we’re able to spy on ex girlfriends (yes, we know what you’re up to) and the reason we can play life-like video games with people we’ve never met.

It’s easy to be amazed by the new innovations that are shaping our world. But there are many more changes occurring and for the most part, they are infinitely more exciting and game-changing. Such is the case with the trucking industry. Far from something confined to dramatized TV shows, trucking is an essential part of the global machine. It’s how your food, your clothing, your gadgets and even the fuel that drives your life can get from its place of origin to your home in Anytown USA. 

As for heavy haul trucking, it’s how a manufacturer in the south can supply a home maker in the north with the materials they need. It’s how we move construction materials and even construction vehicles halfway across the country. And without it, this industrialized nation wouldn’t be quite so industrialized. 

So, just what sort of tech is shaping this industry? Where is it going and how has this all been happening without anyone but those involved knowing about it?

Heavy Haul Trucking

Sometimes the simplest creations are the best. It doesn’t require a great deal of thought, technology or money. Your garage door is a good example of this. Automatic doors have been seen as one of the biggest inventions for the home over the last decades. They were hailed as a breakthrough at a time, long before technological breakthroughs became the norm. In truth, however, it was all down to some simple wires, torsion springs and cables. 

Such was the case with heavy haul trucking for so long. They relied on technical inventions. They relied on ingenuity, which helped them to create mammoth trucks that were still versatile and could still traverse the many highways and byways of this country.

These days, however, we have a little more at our disposal. Firstly, every route is plotted in advance. Every scenario is simulated and planned out. And like an air traffic control, heavy haul trucking companies know where each of their trucks are and how to guide them through any problems should they encounter them. This breakthrough technology put more trucks on the road, allowed for shorter delivery times and meant that you didn’t need to wait weeks or months to get your oil, water or construction gear.

While these developments are ongoing, the trucks are getting bigger and stronger and the regulations that were limiting their size and movement are getting more relaxed. New technology means that a truck can detect the temperature and the volatility of its cargo, while looking ahead to any potential accidents or route problems and letting know the recipient exactly when their goods will arrive, all while dispatch keeps a watchful eye over proceedings.

For many decades, this was seen as a lonely, somewhat backward job. It was believed that they relied on manpower and horsepower. Big men, big trucks and a lot of patience. But that’s far from the case. This industry is moving just as fast, if not faster than any other.

And the implications of this are huge. More homes, faster construction, quicker delivery of essential supplies.  

Our roads may be littered with big trucks that look intimidating, but just know that each and everyone of those trucks is fitted with almost as much tech as a jet plane and that its purpose is just as essential.