Thalassemia Patients May Potentially Benefit from Curcumin Supplements

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( — March 22, 2017) Orlando, FL — Today, there are many certain diseases and disorders that affect children. One of these diseases is Thalassemia, which is a genetic blood disorder. While there are medications available, there are also natural alternatives available for the condition.

Thalassemia patients may potentially benefit from curcumin supplements. Curcumin is a phytochemical that can be found in turmeric, which is an ancient spice.

In traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine, turmeric has been used for thousands of years as an alternative for a range of diseases and disorders. Many of the spice’s unique effects are thought to come from curcumin, which is its active ingredient.

“Individuals who want to take advantage of the potential benefits turmeric may offer, may use curcumin supplements,” said Divine Bounty spokesperson, Melissa Scott.

Thalassemia is an inherited disease, and it can be passed from a mother to a child. It is considered to be one of the types of hemoglobin disorders. Hemoglobin is the molecule that contains iron and pigment. It is also called an oxygen-carrying component of the blood. Oxygen is necessary for the functioning of the cells.  When the hemoglobin molecule becomes defective, its oxygen-carrying capacity reduces. This results in anemia, and symptoms such as weakness and fatigue.

There is an average of 240 to 300 million hemoglobin molecules in a single red blood cell. There are two structures that make up the hemoglobin molecule, the alpha and beta, which are controlled by genes. Alpha Thalassemia develops when there are defects in the genes for the alpha subunit. When it is the beta subunit that is defected, it could lead to beta Thalassemia.

Thalassemia is common in regions affected by malaria as well as tropical countries. Beta Thalassemia can result in death before a child reaches 3 years old. In cases of alpha Thalassemia, prenatal death takes place. Some of the conventional treatments for the condition are iron chelation therapy, blood transfusion, and bone marrow transplantation.

The curcumin derivatives are called curcuminoids, which are believed to help individuals with beta Thalassemia.

In a research study, it was found that curcumin dosage has made some drastic changes in the levels of oxidative stress among those with Thalassemia. The researchers suggested that curcumin has made such changes by boosting the anti-oxidant parameters of serum and RBCs.

There are many possible health benefits associated with the use of curcumin supplements. Today, it is one of the most popular natural supplements that many resort to as a safe alternative to certain pharmaceutical drugs.


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