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( — March 17, 2017) Henfield, West Sussex — US based Saltori Training has recently introduced a revolutionary training program, which has been designed to improve both individual and organizational performance, with mindset focus being the basis for all true, sustainable enhancements.

According to official global company spokesman Peter Halm, the Saltori method of Structured Thinking is a training system that empowers people for achieving their real true potential, while having a high impact on organizational performance through learning how to develop better focus, improve communication, eliminate distractions, improve on collaboration and teamwork, as well as, discovering how to increase both self-confidence and productivity.

Halm says that people are the key to a company’s success, and that Saltori structured thinking will help to unlock the power of an individual to provide maximum benefit to the company, as well as, to them personally. He adds: “The Saltori method of Structured Thinking will actually teach people ways of obtaining clarity in thought, a laser-like focus, total peace of mind and unstoppable confidence to improve both personal and organizational performance.”

In a recent press conference, Jason Myers, the Chairman of Saltori Training announced: “We are delighted to introduce the Saltori method of Structured Thinking to companies and organizations throughout the North American continent. It has been understood for many years that having a positive mindset brings about a number of well-known benefits, but this is the first time that a suite of programs have been presented that can actually target how we think individually, in a context of how it would impact company performance.”

Saltori Training has been launched in several different formats helping companies to apply Saltori Structured Thinking either across a broad section of their organization, to leadership teams, or just to candidates with high potential. The Saltori method of Structured Thinking is a creation of UK born Andy Shaw, an international best selling author and self-help expert. Saltori has achieved awesome results as a personal development program, helping people to achieve a mindset, which will fuel success on a number of different levels.

To date, the Saltori method of Structured Thinking has helped improve the lives of more than 250,000 people in nearly 140 countries. “After seeing the immense benefits that Saltori has provided to people, I just knew that companies and organizations would be able to see significant improvements should these same techniques be applied as part of a company’s training curriculum”, said Andy Shaw, founder of the Saltori method of Structured Thinking.

More information about Saltori Training and the Saltori method of Structured Thinking can be found on the official Saltori website, where a number of personal development training giveaways are also available to download.


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