Legacy Document Software Replacement for Business-Critical Needs

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(Newswire.net — March 20, 2017) — Recent tests prove that DocPath’s document software has not been affected by Microsoft’s Patch KB3170455, and continues offering advanced legacy document software replacement alternatives.

In almost 25 years since the company was founded, DocPath has become one of the leading providers of robust and trusted document software solutions. One of the keys to the company´s success is the fact that DocPath has always been sensitive to customer needs, designing and creating document software that meets current business needs and keeps up with the pace of technological change.

As such, DocPath is responding to a two-fold demand that is currently being presented by numerous companies and organizations around the world involving trusted and satisfactory replacement of out-of-maintenance software applications. Over the past decade, numerous widely used legacy document software products have been definitely sunsetted by their manufacturers. This means that no follow-on products or versions are being offered and no fixes are launched for issues that may arise.

DocPath not only provides trusted and easy to implement replacement solutions for out-of-support software applications, but the company also ensures that business-critical document operations are not affected by operating system updates or any other event, by conducting any required tests and providing updates and fixes when necessary.

Currently, DocPath offers three first-rate and cost-effective replacement solutions for specific legacy software products:

  1. DocPath Boulder Suite provides a secure and fluent migration path from IBM InfoPrint Designer and some versions of IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities to DocPath technology.
  2. DocPath Houston Suite is a new software package that addresses the needs of Control-D users. Although there seems to be no official announcement of a Control-D sunset and support is still being provided, Control-D is not being offered anymore on BMC’s website and a migration to Control-M is being suggested, all this seems to indicate that there is no further development planned for this product. For users that are looking for a cost-effective alternative to Control-D, DocPath’s DocPath Houston Suite, based on DocPaths solid document software core, could be an excellent fit.

  3. DocPath Ontario Suite offers customers that are still running Adobe Central, Accelio Central or JetForm document software a safe migration path with automatic conversion of all original resources and no need to modify client applications.

As mentioned above, DocPath not only provides first-rate replacement software, but it also maintains the software by creating fixes when required and performing tests when business-critical issues arise. This is the case with a Windows security patch, Patch KB3170455, launched by Microsoft in July 2016. Companies using Adobe Central, Accelio Central or JetForm Central document generation software that have applied the corresponding Windows update have confirmed that the Windows patch causes important problems when printing to PCL-compatible printers, only allowing PCL6 driver functionality.

However, recent tests performed with DocPath software have confirmed that DocPath´s replacement solutions – DocPath Boulder Suite, DocPath Houston Suite and DocPath Ontario Suite – are not affected by Microsoft Patch KB3170455, allowing for all generated PCL output to be correctly sent to the printer.

For more information, you may also want to read the article “The Risks of Keeping Legacy Software Applications” and this Press release “Microsoft Patch KB3170455 NOT affecting DocPath Ontario Suite Document Software” where we confirm that our document software has not had been impacted but Patch KB3170455.