Trader and Mentor Jason Bond Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

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( — March 20, 2017) — If you’ve never heard of Jason Bond…you’re about to learn why he could be a great mentor to you. Also, he puts his money where is mouth is. In other words, he’ll get into a position if he says he will, and he even awarded a Porsche 911 to one of his proteges. Now, from the looks of it, most mentors don’t just award a Porsche 911 to their students. Don’t get me wrong, his protégé worked hard and earned the keys to the Porsche. That in mind, Bond’s protege Kyle Dennis turned $15K into a cool $1.075M using Jason Bond’s system. Now, at the time, Kyle was 25, a college graduate with student debt from UCLA. He paid off his student debt and was able to resign from his job as a real estate analyst.


You might be wondering, who is Jason Bond?

Jason Bond wasn’t born rich, and he generally didn’t talk money before. However, he disagrees with the old saying, “It’s rude to talk about money.” That said, he believes this might be the reason why so many people are in debt. Bond was the first person in his family to attend college, and he took on some debt.

Similar to most people these days, Jason Bond went to university, received his Bachelor’s degree and then went on to obtain his Master’s degree. Thereafter, he got a job as a New York State School teacher, and married his wife who was also an elementary school teacher. That’s a pretty normal life. However, after 10 years of working as a teacher, he realized he was in a large amount of debt. That’s right, he had no net worth like many people who are struggling in today’s time with massive student loans due to rising tuition costs.

Jason Bond Turned His Life Around

Now, Jason Bond calculated his net worth after 10 years of teaching with his wife, and realized his net worth -$250K…He did some projections for the next 20 years of his family’s life, and he realized he would still be living paycheck to paycheck. From student loans, a mortgage, credit card debt, personal loans, and car loans, he knew he could not have any financial freedom. That’s hard work with no results, and many are still living like this today.

Many are struggling or have struggled like Jason Bond at one point or another. So he thought of the quickest way to turn his life around…looking to the financial markets. Jason Bond knew he had the determination and dedication to turn his life around, and he did just that.

Fast forward to today, Jason Bond has been flying under the radar as a rag to riches story. He turned his net worth from -$250K to multiple Ms of dollars. He’s looking to help those understand the markets, as he did with Kyle Dennis.

Bond Lets His Followers Know What He’s Doing

Bond does not hesitate to share positions with his followers. For example, Bond has newsletters, and one of them is for long-term investors who are looking into exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Rather than searching on their own and potentially making mistakes that could cost them a lot of money, Bond takes the dirty work out, and let’s his subscribers know when and where he’s looking to enter or exit a position. According to the Harvard Business Review, the mentor and protégé relationship is widely found in the business world, and nearly two-thirds of those who responded to the study indicated they have had a mentor or sponsor, and one-third had two or more mentors. That in mind, when you’re first starting out in the markets, you need someone who will guide you along the way so you won’t make the same mistakes that he may have made in the past. Moreover, the mentor-protégé relationship could help to educate and develop a game plan in the markets, which are only two of the necessities needed in the industry.