Ultimate Kitchen Sink Faucet Sold Out on Amazon

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(Newswire.net — March 22, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen has announced that the brushed nickel kitchen sink faucet with a pull out sprayer is sold out on Amazon.

The sink faucet from Ultimate Kitchen is one of the fast moving products sold by the company. This announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise as this sink faucet has features that are user friendly that many Amazon buyers have come to like about. Also, the total sell out may be a result of a rise in the demand of more advanced sink faucets to replace the old models in most homes.

For many years now, Ultimate Kitchen has been using Amazon to distribute its online products. This is a decision that the board at Ultimate Kitchen came to accept because of the efficiency of Amazon. This platform has huge warehouses around the world which facilitate its easy and efficient supply of products worldwide. Ultimate Kitchen has benefited a lot as it can reach its clients within two days with prime shipping through Amazon.

Director of Operations at Ultimate Kitchen, Cassie Clark, said, “Since we partnered with Amazon, we have found it easy to deliver products to our clients around the globe. Amazon has excellent policies that customers love and our continued cooperation with them has done us more good than harm. We will continue partnering with them as they have proven to be very effective always. For instance, clients who bought the sink faucet with a pull out sprayer before it was sold on Amazon received their products promptly after purchase.”

Ultimate Kitchen has been a firm on the rise from 2014. Every year, this ecommerce firm comes up with new products that are exclusively sold on Amazon. Most of these products are quickly accepted by online shoppers as they are usually made with the customer in mind. Apart from the sink faucet, the firm boasts of other kitchen products such as soap dispensers, baking mats, food vacuum sealers, and chef knives, among others. These are present in different finishes and models.

The sink faucet has a brushed nickel finish which makes it blend with most of the kitchen. The 12 inch hose makes work easy for cooks or stay at home moms as it can cover the entire sink. Also, the sink faucet with a pull out sprayer meets the Uniform Plumbing Code for quality and safety making it suitable for any kitchen. On purchase, the buyer gets a 5 year replacement warranty and a link to an instruction video for installing the sink faucet. The no leak feature makes it not to wear out easily and be maintenance free.

Besides its quality, the product has been embraced well on Amazon and that’s why a good number of people are acquiring it. It was sold out by end of February and many people are waiting for the stock to be back. The sink faucet is highly rated on Amazon with a 5 out of 5 star rating. It is currently being sold at $129.99 on Amazon.

Several Amazon customers applauded this sink faucet leaving positive reviews on Amazon’s review section. A verified Amazon shopper, Mike & Kim Harris, said, “This is a very nice looking kitchen sink faucet in brushed nickel with leak free technology. It was easy to install with the video and love it.”

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