Experts Reveal Link Between Lupus and Magnesium Deficiency

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( — March 30, 2017) Orlando, FL — It is not a known fact that the importance of magnesium has long been overlooked by many people. This is why many individuals end up becoming deficient in the mineral. Individuals who suffer from serious ailments, such as lupus, are advised to learn more about the significance of magnesium.

Experts reveal the possible link between lupus and magnesium deficiency. This mineral has long been thought by health experts to be extremely essential for overall health. As a matter of fact, many of them recommend that consumers should increase their intake of magnesium.

As the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, magnesium is undeniably relevant to the maintenance and improvement of overall health. There are many who never really recognize the importance of magnesium until they develop certain signs and symptoms of deficiency.

It is worth mentioning that the human body works hard in keeping sufficient supply of magnesium. However, for individuals with chronic ailments such as lupus, magnesium deficiency may be more likely.

According to some health experts, the health condition of the kidneys and the digestive system may influence magnesium status. Individuals with lupus are typically prone to kidney malfunction, which means they are also more at risk of deficiencies.

Lupus sufferers who experience symptoms, such as dehydration or vomiting are believed to be at a high risk of deficiency. Those who have been using antibiotics for a long period are also more susceptible to magnesium deficiency. The risk of deficiency has also been linked with excessive alcohol consumption.

There are early signs of magnesium deficiency, such as nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, weakness, and vomiting. When the deficiency worsens, it leads to tingling, numbness, cramps, seizures, muscle contractions, and personal changes.

Other symptoms are coronary spasms and abnormal heart rhythms. It is worth mentioning that severe deficiency in magnesium could result in low calcium levels in the blood, which is called hypocalcemia. Deficiency in magnesium is also linked with low potassium levels in the blood or hypokalemia.

Some experts further reveal that low magnesium levels are directly associated with high blood pressure. Thus, those who are prone to this condition are often advised to ensure that they increase their magnesium intake.

There are many food items that are rich in magnesium, and this includes leafy greens, some nuts, and some fish. There are also magnesium supplements and sprays available, which are extremely popular in the international market.

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