Ultimate Kitchen Announces Faucet Installation Video

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(Newswire.net — March 23, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen has announced the launch of an instructional brushed nickel setup video currently found on YouTube. The company did this to help their customers find it easy to install the sink faucet.

Ultimate Kitchen is famously growing in the production of kitchen products since it was started in 2014. The brand that began small now has a wide range of kitchen products such as sink soap dispensers, baking mats, coffee makers, chef knives and food vacuum sealers, among other products. The products created by this brand make work easier in the kitchen.

Amazon is one of the leading online ecommerce companies in the world. Ultimate Kitchen has collaborated with Amazon to reach its worldwide customer base. Buying products from Amazon is very easy and fast. This is because of their shipping policy, which benefits consumers more so if they are prime members. No matter the location, goods bought on Amazon will reach consumers fast and quick. This platform has enabled Ultimate Kitchen to increase its customer base all over the world.

The Ultimate Kitchen sink faucet has a powerful water flow with a rate of 2.2 gallon per minute at 60 psi water pressure. This is higher than the standard sink faucet. This sink faucet model meets the Uniform Plumbing Code for safety and quality. Also, it has a ceramic disc valve that brings about a watertight seal which prevents the sink from leaking.

Customer service is one of the things clients look at when purchasing a product. Ultimate Kitchen ensures the products it creates are well accepted and considered helpful by users. The pot filler sink faucet has already received a positive response from one of the buyers on Amazon. When a person visits the Amazon product review section, one realizes that the brand is very supportive.

“Our aim is to assist our clients to correctly install and utilize our various products,” said Cassie Clark, Director of Operations at Ultimate Kitchen. “Making work easier is important if we have to maintain a greater customer base for ages. We will continue supporting our clients in all ways possible.”

In its bid to assist its wider customer base, Ultimate Kitchen has created a video that will give buyers of the brushed nickel kitchen sink faucet the ability to install it easily. The company discovered that sometimes purchasers of faucets make mistakes while installing the device. That’s why the firm decided to come up with an installation video that guides buyers from the start to end on how to install the sink faucet.

Also, the pot filler kitchen faucet comes with a 5 year replacement warranty provided by the manufacturer to individuals who purchase the product. The sink has a brushed nickel finish that makes it blend in most of the kitchen. This, as well, makes it suitable for both domestic and commercial use as the features satisfy most of pot filler faucet demands.

Ultimate Kitchen creates products that are not complicated as most of them don’t need services of a plumber. Also, they are easy to use and one only needs to follow the instruction manual that the product comes with. The parts are designed for an easy fit and quick usage. The product is being sold on Amazon at $69.99.

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