The Most Incredible Hair Trends From the Red Carpet

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( — March 24, 2017) — Some people watch the Oscars because they want to see who will win the iconic awards, while others watch because they can’t wait to see what the celebrities wear and how they style their hair.

The styles seen on the red carpet at these events set the trend for hair, clothing, and makeup in the upcoming season.

To help you get your spring wardrobe in order, here are some of the more memorable styles from this year’s event.

Taraji P. Henson’s Statement Bob

Henson was simply eye-catching in her custom, off-the-shoulder, Alberta Ferretti gown in navy velvet. It featured a high slit on the left side and a statement neckline that flattered her figure.

Such a beautiful gown deserved a singular hairdo, and she wowed with a modern form of a bob that made girls with short hair swoon. The style had plenty of volume, with a soft, rounded curl on the left side and messy, yet elegant curls on the right. Her locks were also parted to the left, creating a swooping bang look that generated an air of mystery and sexiness.

To achieve this statement bob: First, you need thick, chin-length hair–thickness like Henson’s can be fabricated. After getting out of the shower, apply a volume-enhancing mousse to the roots, and blow dry upside down.

After flipping your hair upright, use a round brush and the hair dryer heat to create a rounded straight-curl on the left side. You may finish the look with a straight iron, rounding the edges. Stylists recommend using something like the TYME iron, which has rounded edges to create a smoother curl.

On the right side, take small, 1/2-inch sections of hair in your hand. Use your flat iron to create tight curls in the front section of the hair. Curl different directions for a tousled look, and finish with sea salt spray.

To finish the entire look, spray hairspray on your fingers and massage into the roots of your hair to produce more lift. Add a layer of hairspray to hold your curls in place.  

Emma Stone’s Vintage Hollywood Waves

Stone arrived wearing an embellished cream-colored Givenchy dress, which resembled styles from the 20s. It was a flapper-style dress with a modern twist, hitting the floor instead of her knees like a traditional flapper dress.

To match her vintage outfit, she arrived with a period hairstyle. Her waves were reminiscent of the curls you’d see on movie stars from the same era as the style of her dress. The waves were loose and imperfect with one side tucked gracefully behind her ear.

To achieve this vintage Hollywood look: Draw a dramatic part one side of the head, starting at the edge of the forehead. Starting at ear-level, take a two-inch curling barrel and wrap the curls around it instead of clamping. For best results, use a quality curling wand like NuMe. This prevents kinking and creates a looser, longer-lasting curl. Curl away from the face on the side with more hair and towards the face on the side with less.

Once the curls are in place, use a high-quality pomade to slick the smaller side of hair behind the ear. The curls will gently peak out from behind, and make the host look like something straight out of an old-time movie.

Jessica Biel’s Slicked Back Do

Biel wore a Kaufmanfranco gown that looked like it came from a different era. It was a skin-tight, gold metallic, camo look reminiscent of a futuristic statue. It certainly created a head-turning aesthetic.

Whether or not you liked her dress, you have to admit that her hair was on-point and perfectly complemented the style of her gown. It was parted down the middle and slicked into a left-bearing chignon. There wasn’t a single hair astray in this elegant hairstyle.

To achieve this statuesque look: After parting your hair down the middle, use a high-quality pomade, hair wax, or mousse to slick down the top of the hair. Try T.I.G.I Bed Head After-Party. Finish with hair spray. It should look smooth and sleek but not greasy or shiny.

Take the long part of your hair and roll it downward, fastening it below the neck with bobby pins. Use more pomade to remove fly-away hairs from the chignon part of your hair, and finish with a high-quality hairspray. It should look loose, but the pins and smoothing cream will keep it in place for a dazzlingly smooth do.