Ultimate Kitchen Soap Dispenser Is Back in Stock on Amazon

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(Newswire.net — March 27, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen is a successful producer of kitchen accessories. The company has been present on the market since 1994. Since 2014, Ultimate Kitchen has been selling their products online. The company changed their retailing strategy following the modern trends and aiming to reach their clients worldwide. Ultimate Kitchen chose Amazon as their online retailer because of the high quality of customer service the ecommerce site provides for buyers.

Moreover, customers benefit from this cooperation. They have the possibility to use discounts and special offers and save money on shipping using Amazon Prime. Amazon also provides a reliable reviewing system. Customers can see the rating, reviews, and information about the reviewer, like the verification of purchase.

Amazon customers highly appreciate the quality of Ultimate Kitchen products. They provide the highest Amazon ratings and positive reviews. Ultimate Kitchen’s best-selling product is the soap dispenser. The company offers a wide range of built-in and countertop soap dispensers. The Ultimate Kitchen built-in sink soap dispenser has received five stars out of five from 66% of the customers.

“Easy to install and easy to refill. Love that you can refill it from the top without having to take the whole thing apart. Brilliant! We bought a new kitchen faucet with the sprayer hose built in, one of those “all-in-one” types, and put this in our granite hole where the separate sprayer used to be. Works perfect! Love it,” said one verified purchaser, TwinMama. “It looks like really fine quality! and I make my own foam hand soap – fill 1/4 of the bottle with dish soap, and fill the rest of the way with water. Voila!! Perfect foamy hand soap at no extra cost!”

Ultimate Kitchen recently announced that this soap dispenser is back in stock on the brand’s Amazon storefront. This is good news for those who are in the market for a foaming sink soap dispenser with a long warranty period. Ultimate Kitchen offers a five-year replacement warranty for the stainless steel soap dispenser. This means that customers could ask for a replacement in the case of an unsatisfying performance and the company will send a replacement unit.

This Ultimate Kitchen sink soap dispenser is also comfortable to use. The company designed this kitchen accessory so refilling is not needed often. For this reason, the engineers included a 17 oz. capacity soap bottle into the design of this dispenser. This soap bottle can also be refilled from the top of the sink.

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money on a fancy soap dispenser or not. We had been re-using a cheap plastic foaming soap dispenser that some soap had come in originally. We decided to go ahead and buy this and I am quite pleased,” said another verified purchaser Christine Cade. “It frees up some space on my sink and the soap comes out without difficulty. Rather than buying expensive foaming soap, we get a jug of cheap regular liquid soap and then mix the regular soap with water to make our own foaming soap. It works great and saves us a ton of money!”

Ultimate Kitchen is concerned about the wastage of plastics which is harmful to the environment. That is why the company urges their customers to switch from single-use plastic foaming soap dispensers to the more environmentally-friendly option of a reusable foaming soap dispenser.

The Ultimate Kitchen stainless steel soap dispenser, that was recently announced to be back in stock, and is available on Amazon.

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