Ultimate Kitchen Provides Warranty on Soap Dispenser

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(Newswire.net — March 28, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen just announced the introduction of a 5-year replacement warranty on its stainless steel countertop foaming soap dispenser with a polished finish. The soap dispenser is at the moment listed on Amazon at $19.99.

The introduction of the warranty on the foaming soap dispenser is a nice move by Ultimate Kitchen to instill more confidence in the buyers of the product. Some buyers shy away from buying such products because they are afraid of getting less superior products. Since the goods are shipped through Amazon, they may be received while broken and a warranty is a surety of replacing such products. This will attract more customers and improve the sales of the soap dispenser generally.

Cassie Clark, the Director of Operations at Ultimate Kitchen, said, “Every strategy that we attempt is for the benefit of the firm and our customers, as well. We want our customers to have full confidence in the products that we supply to them. There is no doubt that our products are top quality and introducing things like warranties on each of them is a good milestone. One of the products we are adding a warranty to is our countertop foaming soap dispenser.”

Online marketer, Ultimate Kitchen is a brand that has continued to expand its products over the years. Currently, the firm has a wide range of kitchen products in the categories of knives, vacuum sealers, baking mats, sink faucets and coffee makers, to just name a few of them. These are made with user-friendly features and designs that can fit in most modern kitchen. Thus, the foaming soap dispenser is part of an already existing line of products from Ultimate Kitchen that are doing well on Amazon.

The polished stainless steel finish that this foaming soap dispenser has matches with most of kitchen décor. It has a shatter proof feature that makes it resistant to cracking if dropped. Besides being suitable for use in the kitchen and bathroom sinks, the soap dispenser is environmentally friendly as its not disposable but can be refilled and used repeatedly. The introduction of a 5 year warranty will boost this product’s popularity so that more buyers will be attracted to it.

Since its release, the foaming soap dispenser has received a good number of positive reviews on Amazon. Most of the reviewers applaud its eco-friendly nature and design which makes it easy to use.

In one of the reviews, a verified customer on Amazon, Maura Ann Rubies, said, “This is a very attractive style. I was actually surprised to see that the body was acrylic instead of glass. It has a wide opening rather than the more typical small hole. I love being able to clearly see the contents. This produces foamy soap exceptionally well. It helps to extend our dollar by conserving dishwashing soap.”

The family owned business, Ultimate Kitchen strives to satisfy customer needs by coming up with new and improved products each year. For instance, there are several products in the pipeline yet to be released and will be unleashed as the year progresses. The firm also works to ensure that new products are well received and customer service is placed at the forefront in all its endeavors.

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