Dr. Kellyann Introduces New Weight Loss Product – SLIM Collagen Shakes To Go!

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(Newswire.net — April 3, 2017) — 

New York Times Bestselling author and certified nutrition consultant Dr. Kellyann Petrucci announces today the official launch of her new delicious product, SLIM Collagen Shakes To Go! It’s a nutrient-filled combination of grass-fed protein, collagen and the essential amino acids the body needs packed in individual ‘grab n’ go’ packets.  

SLIM Collagen Shakes is the latest addition to Dr. Kellyann’s To Go line of collagen drink mixes. It’s a “high impact” food for those who want to heal their gut, lose weight and get smoother skin. These creamy, delicious shakes highly complement those who are following the Bone Broth Diet. They are available in Vanilla Almond and Chocolate Almond flavors.

Dr. Kellyann encourages those who want to look younger and improve on their health to try her new product. She adds, “I carefully select each ingredient in my products and consider each recipe I share to ensure each one meets my strict standards for clean eating.”

Each packet of SLIM Collagen Shakes contains 15 grams of protein the body can actually absorb. What’s more, it empowers the body with extra collagen, a nutrient that gives skin strength and elasticity. The healthy beverage comes with a ‘Quick Add’ feature which means one can simply add water, shake and enjoy. Or, blend it with fruits and veggies.

It’s the perfect drink for people who are always on the go, those who head to the gym, those who are planning to lose weight and even those on vacation. Just take a packet with you and get easy access to a super-healthy meal replacement that can stop cravings on the spot. It’s a satisfying snack to help anyone on their journey to transformation.

“Your body makes less and less collagen as you age. Supplying your body with extra collagen is the closest thing we have to a real ‘fountain of youth’ because it repairs and protects tissue and keeps your body strong and young,” explains Dr. Kellyann.  

Another great thing about SLIM Collagen Shakes is it doesn’t contain any artificial additives. Each serving is sweetened with Monk fruit, a low-calorie, natural sweetener used in traditional medicine for its health benefits such as reducing inflammation. Thus, consuming SLIM Collagen Shakes has little impact on blood sugar levels whatsoever.

Each serving of SLIM Collagen Shakes costs less than $3, a small price to pay for the amount of health benefits the body gets. Each box contains seven packets. Those who want to try the product can buy it from Dr. Kellyann’s online store.  


Take the road to natural transformation with the help of Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet and the products that can make the journey easier such as the SLIM Collagen Shakes. For more information on collagen and its benefits, visit the website www.drkellyann.com and get updates from the weight-loss and natural anti-aging transformation expert herself!


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