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(Newswire.net — March 31, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen, online retailer, has been featuring a multitude of soap dispensers for many years. They feature built-in models, and those that sit directly on the countertop. The company sells various styles and finishes to coordinate with any kitchen or bathroom fixture.

The Foaming Trio is their first travel size dispenser. The company chose the travel size to allow customers the convenience of taking any soap anywhere. Ultimate Kitchen strives to provide functional benefits for all their products.

In 2014, Ultimate Kitchen began small, offering only one product, a silicone baking mat. Through their active product marketing, following trends and listening to feedback from their clients, they have seen continual growth throughout the years. Their product line includes over 56 items, with another 26 scheduled to be released this year. Their soap dispensers have been the most popular. The company also lists stainless steel kitchen sink faucets, cutlery (to include chef, Santoku and fillet knives), coffee presses and a full line of vacuum sealing food storage sealers and accessories (to include plastic bags and reusable storage canisters).

Ultimate Kitchen, partnering with internet giant, Amazon, has the foaming soap dispensers listed exclusively at Amazon. Positive reviews indicate the dispensers have multiple benefits and uses. Along with traveling, customers have used them in campers, motorhomes, and boats. Their compact size allows them to be easily carried in diaper bags, backpacks, and purses. Foaming dispensers use less soap, therefore customers are positive about their money-saving ability. Buyers have stated the benefits of being able to take their favorite soaps and body washes anywhere.

Amazon purchaser Elza said in an online review, “This is a review after only two uses, but I was very pleased. I did not want to bring my leaky and biggish foamy baby wash pump with me travel[ing] so I got these. I did not expect such easy one-hand dispens[ing] as it did. Stands very sturdy too. This was very helpful on the trip. Thank you very much.”

“I bought these to use for my grooming products at cat shows for my cat who does not care for the sound caused by spray bottles,” said Debra in her Amazon product review. “These bottles are perfect and do not leak. [I] would buy again.”

The Ultimate Kitchen travel size foaming soap dispenser is listed for $13.46 on Amazon. The set includes three identical dispensers, made from lightweight plastic. Each dispenser comes with a lid, to provide a secure fit to prevent spills. Each dispenser measures 5 7/8 inches tall and will hold 100ml/3.4 ounces of liquid. The size meets airline-approved regulations for size restrictions of liquid carry-on items. For members using Prime, shipping will be free.

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