Power and Looks of the New Samsung S8 Outbright the IPhone Flagship

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(Newswire.net — April 8, 2017) — If you want to upset an iPhone lover, just buy them a Samsung. But with the new S8, you might end up with hugs and kisses.

What is so special about another Android phone? Well, it is far beyond just another Android phone. At first sight, the design is much slicker. We admired a curved display in the previous version, but Samsung went even further this time.

Almost the entire front panel is a Super OLED, which has a pressure-sensitive home button built into the screen. The solution presents a curved 5.8” screen that is narrower but longer than iPhone 7, which is not by chance. Samsung designers figured out that a slimmer device fits your hand better than its Apple counterpart, ergonomically speaking.

Besides Samsung designers, the technicians did an excellent job in handling the problems with S8 predecessor’s curved screen. When holding the S7 by the edges of the touch screen, the unwanted app launches occurred frequently. With the new S8, that problem is gone.  

More power, more memory, more speed and new features behind the S8 put the new Samsung flagship phone with power of a desktop computer at your disposal.

Key new features include a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, so it is easier to activate your phone. Also, there is a face recognition feature, and iris scannning for those more paranoid.
Bixby AI assistant with a dedicated button feature turns your S8 into a great assistant answering your questions. Of course, your device has to be online.  
A massive 5.8” edge to edge infinity display on the front makes you feel like you are holding nothing but the screen.

This time, you don’t need to worry whether this gadget would self-combust. The new 3,000 mAh battery is safe and improved, Samsung claims.

More or less, there are many upgrades from the S7, but the following attributes make the S8 more than an updated and fixed version of its precedent, such as the new massive 5.8” infinity display that almost covers the entire front panel. 
Another feature includes swapping a physical button with an on screen version that allows the screen to stretch to the edge, and improves the design without disturbing the comfort of use.
Bixby AI assistant is a feature that has yet to prove its value.

Samsung S8 will be released at the end of April, and we have to wait and see the ratings, but according to many tech-reviews so far, it is built to set Samsung as the supreme leader of the smartphone industry.