Experts Reveal Potential Solutions for the Most Common Elbow Injuries

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( — April 17, 2017) Wilmington, DELAWARE — Injuries can happen at any time and anywhere. However, individuals who engage in sports and other intense activities are more prone to accidents. For instance, professional baseball pitchers are more susceptible to having their elbows injured.

Experts reveal some potential solutions for the most common elbow injuries. A torn ulnar collateral ligament is often the cause of elbow injury in baseball players. However, it is not only professional athletes but also the amateurs that are prone to pains and day-to-day aches.

The most common injuries are strains, tendonitis, bursitis, and sprains. All of these can happen by just engaging in sports, working, or doing daily activities.

An injury called damaged ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) can hinder a sufferer from engaging in certain physical activities. Those with a complete rupture to the UCL may even be advised to rest for a year and onwards.

However, when the case is minor, a sufferers may go back to doing physical activities in just a matter of days.

An injury called bursitis usually takes place when the elbow, especially on the edge part, is hit hard enough. When swelling develops due to the injury, the condition is called bursitis.

This painful condition may require the help of a professional healthcare provider. There are also other options, such as the use of an elbow strap.

Tennis elbow is another injury, and in the medical arena it is called lateral epicondylitis. It can happen to anyone, and usually results from overuse of the extensor muscles in the forearm.

The start of pain is typically gradual, and when it worsens, the sufferers are often unable to engage in their usual physical activity at the highest level. When it is still in its initial phase, it can be remedied with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE).

There are also therapeutic aids such as the use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These medications are formulated to fight pain and decrease inflammation. However, their use has been linked with the development of certain side effects.

A safer alternative to these medications may potentially be the use of an elbow strap. An elbow strap such as the one offered by Activerge may be an excellent option for a variety of elbow injuries.

The Activerge elbow strap is designed to promote blood flow, particularly to sensitive injured areas. It is believed to be helpful in reducing pain and fighting inflammation. One of the best advantages in resorting to this option is that it doesn’t cause side effects such as those linked with certain pharmaceutical drugs.


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