Health Experts Believe Magnesium is an Excellent Happy Mineral

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( — April 21, 2017) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more people have become adept in knowing what foods to consume and avoid. However, it can’t be denied that there are those who are unable to satisfy their body’s nutritional needs.

Health experts believe magnesium is an excellent happy mineral. Many people do a lot of things to be happy. However, it is something that the many are also unable to do.

Feeling good can happen anytime and anywhere. Some people feel good and happy when they eat, spend time with family, or when they do what they passionately love. The good news is that minerals such as magnesium can help trigger the release of happy hormones.

One of the most important minerals is magnesium, which importance is often overlooked by many people. This mineral has a high potential to offer a range of health benefits. It even has disease-fighting properties that could be extremely helpful to many people from around the world.

According to some experts, magnesium is a relaxation mineral. It has the ability to support adrenal function. Cortisol is the “fight or flight” hormone, which could trigger the kidney to release some magnesium when it is released into the system.

Essentially, this powerful healing mineral has the ability to dampen and regulate the effects of the stress hormones when they are no longer needed. It has also been found that magnesium is vital in synthesizing serotonin, which is the body’s feel-good hormone.

This hormone is known to be responsible in making people want to get up in the morning and enjoy life. Individuals who suffer from depression, for instance, invariably have reduced levels of serotonin. This is what makes magnesium a “happy pill.”

There are many experts who recommend that consumers should increase their intake of magnesium to manage anxiety and stress. When stress is managed, acne and other symptoms could also be reduced.

It is important to understand that chronic stress does not just overpower, but also utilize the stored magnesium in the body. In other words, it eats up magnesium like candy. This is one of the factors believed to trigger magnesium depletion.

When there is low magnesium supply in the body, the blood vessels tend to tighten and the blood pressure levels increase. This magnifies the undesirable effects of stress, which worsens blood pressure.

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